How To Generate Search Traffic Form Mobile Devices?

Did you know that 58% search On Google with mobile devices? That means more people use Google with a mobile phone. 

So much saw that the mobile searches out way the desktop searches Extra 28 Billion. That’s Right 

Over 28 Billion extra searches happen on mobile device Per year then they do On the desktop computer. 

So today I will teach you How to Generate more search traffic from mobile devices.

1. Create a Responsive Design:-

How To Generate More Search  Traffic  Form  Mobile Devices.
If you use Different Design for mobile devices, tablets Devices, Laptop, and Desktop computer. That’s not good. It’s Over warming.
So you need one  Design on your Website. That’s good. And way to do that You have a responsive design. 
2. Make sure your website load super fast:
How To Generate More Search  Traffic  Form  Mobile Devices.
If your website load super fast its better experience and its help you will boost your overall search traffic. 
Because someone search on google with mobile devices And they Land on your website and if it’s load too long.
What Gonna they do they click on the back button. they leave your website. If everyone Click on the back button! 
It’s gonna tell google hey We don’t like these site with these reason. it’s a bad experience.
It increases your bounce rate. And if your bounce rate in,creases that’s simple you lost your ranking. 
So make sure your website loads fast. its help your visitor found what they want and they stay your website a long time.
3. Make sure your Header Image is small:-
If you Use Big image on any post header that’s really bad! Because when any mobile user opens your article they scroll and scroll. 
when they tried to scroll your page Then they find your main Content. Its actually really warming.
When they faced This kind of situation none can want to read your Article. So you need to write a readable article and make sure to use Small image on first. 
4. Don’t push crazy pop up on mobile devices:-
How To Generate More Search  Traffic  Form  Mobile Devices.
If you use pop up on your every page like your website screen, On the navigation bar, sidebar, And all of your webpage. 
Guess it’s not desktop computers it’s mobile devices. If you use Desktop computer it’s not hard to ignore any of pop up!
But on mobile devices, it’s actually really hard! So if Every mobile user finds many pops up on your website. 
It makes your ranking Dropped. So make sure you don’t use any of crazy pop up on your website.  It decreases your rank!
That’s mean If everyone doesn’t stay your website more time it increases your Bounce rate! 
And its also decrease your Ranking!  Because of google signal that  Hey – It is a really poor user experience. 
So that is the simple step! If you do that step by step then the result made you will Generate more search traffic Form mobile devices.
Thanks for reading!

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