How to Reduce Bounce Rate?(Best way Ever)

One step Google comes out to deter many your site higher and lower its Called Bounce rate! 

That’s mean How many people Going on your Website and Just Bounce on. If There leaving that’s mean They Don’t find What there looking for!

So today  I will teach you How to Reduce Bounce Rate.

1. Show your product or Contact On first!

Firstly you need to Do that show your product or Contact On first!

People come on your website to find they’re looking for. So make sure you need to Your products or content on First. 

If your open on first its case your Bounce rate is Increase and The effect is You lost your Search ranking.

So you need to remove open or Ads On first. And set your Products or content on first its makes decrease your Bounce rate!

2.Content Text size large.

Next tips I have For you make sure Your Content text size large and up!  If your text size is really small its increase your Bounce rate!

Heard to people actually read on your website Especially mobile devices. so you need to make sure Your content text Large.

3. Make sure your Content Super Thru.

Make your content Super thru. You need to write an article which is more actionable. that people actually want to read! 

You need to write an Article paragraph, not more than 2-3 lines. If your paragraph 8-10 lines. It’s over warming for any People’s!

Because none can Want to read 8-10 lines paragraph. It’s made People mind Over warming and they Just avoid this kind of Article. 

So if they avoid your content It makes your Bounce rate Up! And the results make you lost your ranking day by day!

4. Add more article related images. 

The next you need to do add more article related images.  It helps People’s to more knowledge about it! Remember just one image Called Thousand of the word! 

Then People’s actually read your all content and the result made is decrease your bounce rate!

So you need to work hard and keep your eye on your Products or content! Its make Great results On your search ranking.

Just give them the visitor and reader what they  Want  First It helps you decrease your Bounce rate!

5. Use High-Quality Graphics or image! 

Use High-Quality Graphics or image! You know what an image talk about thousand of the word. So you need to Adjust a lot more keyword related image on your article.  

But remember If you will use a lot of that area’s good but make sure Your image Quality is very good!

If your image quality is Lower that’s actually all people hated they don’t see your Image and hated to say they don’t stay here and they just bounce on!

If you do this kind of things your Bounce rate Is just Flee ping down and might able to Higher in search ranking more Times. 

Hope you like this Article!  Thanks for reading!  If you want to ask any questions please Joining us comment on below box!


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