Android Vs Iphone| Which One is Better?

When we buy a whole new smartphone, we all fall into confusion! Then we can not understand that there is one thing and it will be good!

Many believe that Android phones are good and many people think that the iPhone is good! 

But as long as the curiosity goes up! Moreover, there is another reason for this problem! When we buy a new smartphone, we give priority to the opinion of many!

There are so many people who say that Android is better than iPhone! And Other people say that the iPhone is better! 

So today  I will share with you some details!  That’s means When You read the Whole article then  Your problem Will be fixed! 

About the advantages and disadvantages of Android phones and the iPhone.

Then you will be able to understand yourself which will be good for you!

  • Privacy


You may find many foul apps in Google Playstore! Google is released many foul apps and game on their Google Play Store!

which means they Don’t check the Privacy Reason!  that Really Bad for any user experience. 

But when you download these apps, these apps will easily hack all your personal data!

So make sure Install   apps and Game, 

Otherwise, You personal Information will be hacked very easily. 


But rare for iPhone privacy! That means no foul apps release in Apple Store. 

That means they know about their privacy before releasing any apps!

Because of all the celebrity, people use the iPhone! Because they never want anyone else to know their personal information! 

Because of which is very good for iPhone privacy!

My Opinion: – If you are a celebrity if you are more active towards your personal data, then buy an iPhone! Because privacy is good for iPhone!

  • Brand And  Model 


There are many models of Android! Because the Android OS based many companies sell smartphones!

Besides, they have different Verient! Because of whether the Android smartphone itself!


Its only one company! Which is Apple And currently have 10 models! Which is very short! Besides, there are variant and little amount! Whose number is only 30 !.

My Opinion: – In these cases, you can buy Android! Because the model and Verient will be good for Android!

  • Price And Build Quality: –

Android: –

If you have a small amount of money, then I will say you will survive Android smartphones! Because you can get a better build quality with less money!

Moreover, you can buy an Android smartphone at a very low cost!

iPhone: –

Android’s build quality is much better! But its price is much more! Because the company’s profit is 3x more profits!

My Opinion: – In this case, you can buy Android smartphones! Because one thing works above all the above is the Budgets!

Too today! Hope you understand what will be good for you!

Thanks for staying with Us!

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