(Solve)You Already Have an Existing Adsense Account|

We all have more ideas about Adsense! This is the best way to earn online by showing the ads!

However, when you send recruitment to Adsense, it is very time to think that after a long period of time, it is possible! Or another problem arises!

Then you may see that you have already done an exiting Adsense account! Actually, these one is Google out of the policy! You must be the only one!

Many people do not think about how to Solve This Problem! But today I will share with you how to fix this problem and get it right in Adsense!

When does this problem occur?


In fact, this problem arises only when you submit your Account for Google Adsense by accidentally after another submission.

Or another reason this problem may arise! That is if you have an Adsense account before and it becomes disable!

There can be many reasons! If someone clicks on your Adsense account, your Adsense account will be disabled!

This time many people become depressed! Besides, I have seen many articles and many video tutorials on YouTube!

If many people say that you encounter this problem, stop working with your previous domain!

Because there is no solution to this problem! You have to buy another new domain and then work! And then if you give a request for Adsense then it will be followed!

Actually, these videos and Article are spam! In my opinion, there was no such thing in the world that there is no solution! Of course, there is also a solution!


What do you want to do now?


You must log in to your Adsense! And then you have to change all the information given earlier!

I mean, all you have to do is change your address and your phone number! And give a new name and address!

Of course, you do not have to give a real address! You will be given a fake address and a fake number! There will be no problem with this!

You Already Have an Existing Adsense Account.(Problem 100% Solve)

You just need to Set the whole new address and phone number! Then it will be done!

You Already Have an Existing Adsense Account.(Problem 100% Solve)

When You Change Thes whole things Then you need to remove previous Address! Don’t worry follow The next  Screenshot.

You Already Have an Existing Adsense Account.(Problem 100% Solve)

Follow Next one.

You Already Have an Existing Adsense Account.(Problem 100% Solve)

Then you have to open another new Gmail account! And with this Gmail address, you will need to request again for Adsense!

Now when you submit, you must give all the information correctly! The address should be based on your NID card or any identification card!

Now your question may be why I request it with NID CARD and address here! What is the problem of use fake address?

Actually, the main purpose of your name is to enter your identity card if your Adsense account is disabled!

If you want to get back that Adsense account, then you must submit your previous information related NID CARD!

And if your name or date of birth is not like the information of your NID CARD, then your account can never be restored! Then you must give the right information!

If you submit your account with all the information properly then you will not see the previous option. That means your problem will end successfully!

This is a simple process! If you use this 100% guarantee you will never see this problem anymore.


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