Great Way to Get Approval Adsense within Hour|

All of us have more ideas about Google Adsense! This is the best way to earn online!

Everyone wants to earn online and those who are thinking of earning online earning will definitely want to take the Adsense.

And many people do not know what to do. So everyone should know about the secret tips to take on Adsense?

Today I will share with you some of the secrets and best ways to take Adsense Above! Those who follow you will be able to Approval Adsense in just a few hours!

Hope you read until the post is over!

1. Domain.


If you want to take  Adsense Approval Then you need to buy a good domain! Take this (, in. Info etc) These are called master domains!

If you use a blog, you can take the AdSense adverb in ( / in) etc, but there is a lot of hardship to take in these!

So you will try to buy one of these top-level domains! Adsense can take it more easily!

2 -website Design


You need to make your website a great design! Which must be heartbreaking! And all pages will work in it!

There are many websites that work on a lot of links, in error, which have an adverse effect on Adsense! And Adsense makes it much harder!

So you should have a nice and mind-blowing design of your website!



Adsense is the most played role of your unique content! That is your article!

And in order to make these posts, one of the things to keep in mind is one of your post words! That means you should have at least 300-400 words in every post!

And in this way, you will get Adsense at just 10 to 12 post! Otherwise, your Website will apply to AdSense after applying and say insufficient Contact!

4. User-Friendly Article.


Another thing to keep in play is that your posts must be User-Friendly! This means that anyone who reads your post will understand!

5. Pages.


At least 3 pages of your blog or website will be created! The pages are! (About, Contact and Disclaimer)These pages will help you to take great advantage of Adsense!

And if you can create more extra pages! ( Privacy and policy and Copyright Issues) These pages will play a lot of role in Adsense!

Because when you apply for Adsense, then they will want to see these things when they visit your website!

That’s what your website is about! And your website visitors can contact you! You should make these pages seriously!

6. Theme And Customization


Then one thing you have to keep in mind is that your website is a good quality theme! You must customize it very well!

Try not to use any widgets unnecessarily! Try to use only a few important things! These will help you a lot of your Adsense!

7. Submit site on Google


You must submit your website to Google!  You can use Google Search Console for this!



If you post a copy from another website and post it on your site, then it is copyright! And if you do this you will never get an AdSense.

But there are many rules of copyright! If you copy any other post customize these posts well, that means, if you make many words in your own words, it will not affect it.

But try to avoid the complete copyright!

Now I will answer some common questions about Adsense:

Question- 1. How much will you have to post if you want to take your AdSense on your website?

There is no mention in the policy of Adsense policy! But try to post at least 40-50! But one thing should be kept in mind that quality will be higher than your article!

Question- 2. How old is the age of the site?

– It comes to Google policy that the age of the site must be at least 6 months! But many people have been able to take it even before!

But one thing is to keep in mind that the main idea of ​​earning Adsense is income! But if you take a rush to take it then you will not do it if you do not have a visitor!

So you must take the time because the more time you take, then your site will be old and everyone will know about the site and the visitor will come and you can earn well!

Question-3: How much will be the number of words of each post?

You must write the minimum 300-350 word post! Otherwise, you may not be able to take an Adsense at any time because it will revise your site and say insufficient content.

Question-4. How many days will be revived after submitting Adsense?

There is no definite time for this! If everything is okay on your website, then within 1 day you can avail it!

And many times it can be seen in 7-15 days! There is no need to worry about this!

Question-  5. I have YouTube Adsense, how do I use it on my blog?

The correct answer is that you can never use your YouTube Adsense blogger! Because it is outside the Adsense policy!

Of course, you can again add your site’s link to your YouTube Adsense and then add it to your blog! Otherwise, your Adsense is more likely to be blocked!

Question-6. How many Visitors need to blog/website?

Any website without a visitor is completely dead! But there is no policy in Adsense how many Visitors will need!

You just look at your website and content! Of course, there is a need for the Visitor! Because if someone does not click on your income then you will not able to earn!

But I think it will have an impact on the Adsense at the Visitor!

Lastly, if you want to take an AdSense program then you must follow the rules mentioned above properly! Otherwise, you will not receive it!

Because there is a certain rule of everything! Adsense is the world’s best ad network! By which everyone wants to monetize their website!

If you are one of them then you must Refect the rules outlined above, then you will also get Adsense Approval within a few hours.

Hope you like this Article.Thanks for being with!

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