Simple Way To Add Live Chat Option On your Blog|

How about if a new visitor comes to your website and connects with you directly! 

And talk about something good about your website! Or They Asked Question that They have!

Hope you are thinking now Hmm That’s will be a good one!  

Today, I take such a great trick that you can add live chat options to your blog/website!

Go to describe the whole details.

What is live chat?

Live Chat is an option that allows you to talk live with all the visitors to your website and solve their problems!

If you visit many websites you can see that live chat options are available on many websites, through which the website visitors have any ideas about the website!

And they tell them if they have any problem and they get resolved very soon! It seems that if it were on my website then it would have been better!

I’ll show you this post today, how to add this live chat option to your blog/website!

And when your website opens this option, whenever a visitor comes to your website, they will be able to easily tell the doctrines about your website or their problems!

Do you know how to add it to your blog/website?

For this you have to go to this link: – Go To Link.

Then follow the step by step screenshot!



Step;-4. After Copying Thes Code Now you have to go to your Blogger dashboard and then Layout- Add a Gadgets-Html Java Script-Save.

At last, work is over! This way you can add live chat options to your blog/website!

Hope you like it thanks!

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