Top 10 Search Engine|You Should Know|


The search engine is an important discovery of the web! If there was no search engine then the path of the internet could not have been possible!

We have many ideas about search engine! We all have ideas about the search engine!

The search engine is through which we get specific information at the moment! And we usually know about some of the search engines such as Google (Google, Yahoo, Bing)!

Many people probably have no idea! Today I will share with you the top 10 search engine which must have knowledge about!

1. Google:-uses the Internet, but Google does not know whether people can find such a small amount! Everyone has more ideas about Google!

Because it is the best search engine! It is possible to edit the works of any website builder or any Internet Job without Google’s help.

Founder: Larry Page, Sergey Brin

2.Yahoo:-Did you know what is the world’s first and popular search engine? Yeah, it’s Yahoo! In fact, the journey of Yahoo first started in 1994!

Although it was the first to be the Reddition Submission website and later it was transformed into a search engine!

founder: Jerry Yang, David Filo

3. Bing:- We all have more ideas about this search engine! This is a good search engine! Which provides unique information to every customer!

Moreover, this search engine was first introduced in 2009! Although its progress was not long! Yet this search engine has many trusts and always gives good search results!

Founder: Steve Ballmer is also a popular search engine! If you call it a website consultant then it will not be wrong!

Because it always answers questions about different websites! Moreover, this search engine answers direct questions related to any website!

Garrett Gruener David Warthen (Founders) Douglas Leeds (CEO)

5.DuckDuckGo:-It is also the best sheet search engine! Although it does not give its own information! Rather, it always collects information from Wikipedia and then it does!

Even though this has already gained popularity online to marketers!

Founder and CEO: – Gabriel Weinberg

6.Dogpile:- Dogpile Search Engine always collects information from most widely used Yahoo, Google, Bing, Yandex!

And then it spreads to all users! Although all the information is accurate!

Founder: – Aaron Flin

7. Excite:- This search engine is the collection of all the websites! This search engine collects information from different sites!

And then they publish information through their own internet portals! One of which is the news, weather messages etc.!

Owner: – IAC

8. Entireweb:- This is also a popular search engine! Although its job is to publish the list of different types of websites according to their needs!

Moreover, you can submit your website to this search engine and continue the promotion of their products!

Founder: Marcus Andersson

9. Gigablast:- This is also a search engine! But it is too small in size! And it is also used on websites as their own search engine!

Founder: – Matt Wells

10.Teoma:-This search engine started in 2000! If at first, it has gained popularity due to the Link Popularity Algorithm!

But then this search engine becomes one with!

founder: – Apostolos Gerasoulis

This is the world’s best 10 search engine! Hope you like!

Thanks for staying with!

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