Blogger Vs WordPress| Which One Is better?


Which is better! Is the Blogger is better Or WordPress everyone Wants to know about that!

Today I will show you some of the benefits of blog and WordPress and the disadvantage by which you can understand what is really good!

Let’s talk about bloggers first-

Advantage of Blogger: –

1. this is actually free you will not have to buy any hosting! That means you do not have to buy any hosting for every month blogging!

2. Access is very easy to take so that you can use it easily if you are new!

3. The worst part of the website is that whenever you make a request for AdSense or any other ad network, then it goes down due to bad hosting!

But the blog is never down because it is hosted with Google servers!

4. It is 100% trusted!

5. You can use Lifetime (. for free!

6. You do not have to spend any extra money on any template. That means you will get free!

  The disadvantage of Blogger: –

1. There are some limitations to SEO!

2. One of the worst things about blogging is that if you have an Adsense account, then there is no plugin to save it.

3. Blogger does not give any latest updates for their users! That means if you do not get any updates, you will have to use Old Version day after day!

4. There is no plug-in for blogging site SEO because of which you can not easily SEO your site!

Let’s talk about WordPress now!

Advantage Of WordPress: –

1. To get your site SEO you will get many free plugins that you can easily SEO your site!

2. You can customize your blog perfectly professional!

3. Moreover, you will get a great plugin here to save your Adsense account! Because your AdSense can be blocked due to many clicks of the same ads.

4. WordPress will give you all-time updates because they want their services to reach users better! And the users are so much more motivated!

Disadvantage of WordPress

1. First, you have to buy a domain and good quality hosting!

2. If your hosting is not good then your website may be down at any time! Because of which to buy good and advanced hosting! Although it is very expensive!

3. If you are new then it is very hard to use! You have to make a lot of hardships to get it done!

4. Surely a great theme is needed to give a nice website! And if you want to use a nice theme then you will have to pay for a lot!

Now know my opinion:

I will give priority to blogging! In some cases! Because here you will get a free domain! Moreover, you will have no cost for hosting!

Besides, if you are new, then I Request you to use blogging because you will not have to spend any extra cost! Then you can change your income from blogging!

And if you have a dollar then you can use WordPress! Because it will easily help to rank your website with some plugins!

It would be wrong to say that the WordPress site only ranked on Google! There are many blog websites that rank easily to Google! It will also be your case if you focus on your content and continue to work well!

Besides, there are many different categories of blogging and WordPress! Now you decide what you use! 

Both are good If you work hard and smart you will be one day or so, you will be a success!

Hope you like this till today! Thanks for staying with!

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