How to Add Html Code Box In Blogger Post|

This Article Exactly you Learn About How To put the Html code box in your blog post!

If you want to know all about it, you must see this post at the end!

Why  Html Code box is important?

Actually, it is always necessary to post or not all posts! But in some cases, it may need to be planted! Two things are mentioned below:

1.- Post-table: – It’s actually very impressive!

In fact, the post table means post what you mention first. 

It is very clear that when you type your content on the topic! 

Whose original purpose and purpose are if someone wants to read your article, then he can know about it before reading the post! This is more inspiration than before!

And his reading spirit and interest increased even more! The reason for which is that he already knows what your post is going to write about!

2. Html Code – That means you need to use this box when you want to post an HTML code in your post!

What do you know? If you post HTML code without using this code box, then your post will be on the HTML result. 

That means if you want to give someone an Html code or post it, then it will never naturally, otherwise it should be so that what it means!

So, one thing must be clear if you want to attach any HTML code inside your post, you must use the HTML code box!

Moreover, many times we have to go through this HTML code post! You do not have anymore! Today I have come to the solution!

You only have to do one thing for this and the following code should be copied:

<textarea name = “textarea” cols = “50” rows = “20” wrap = “VIRTUAL”>

</ textarea>

In the place of YOUR CODE, you have to put the code that you want to post! 

Hope you like this till today! Thanks for staying with!

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