Most Effective Black Hat SEO Techniques In 2020|

Whenever you are involved with SEO, Then Exactly You have a little idea About Black Hat SEO technique.

They build links in this way and try to increase their income! But not everyone, It is Use Those People’s  Who Are master about That!

But one thing!

If you are admitted to an online training centre, they will tell you about Black Hat SEO or nothing else! That is, they think it doesn’t need to tell you!

Today I will try to give some ideas about Black hat SEO Technique! Although there are so many techniques! But I will discuss some important techniques!

Generally, SEO techniques are of two types, one of which is White Hat SEO technique and the other is Black Hat SEO Technique.

Although it’s not my post issue to say about the White Hat SEO! Still, say a little!

  • White Hat SEO Techniques:- 

White Hat SEO is the SEO that follows the rules of search engines.

The most important principle of these guidelines is “Make your website for the welfare of the people, not for search engines”.

Originally backlink, keyword research, link popularity, link building etc. are called WHITE HAT SEO.

  • Black Hat SEO Techniques:-

Not to the welfare of people, to remain on the first page of the search engine, do not betray the rule of search engine optimization, and admit that the SEO is done is that Black Hat SEO Technique! 

Simply put, doing anything in a dishonest way, instead of the welfare of the people, increasing the ranking of search engines is called Black Hat SEO Technique!

Although it is a bad thing, it is called unethical  SEO!

Black Hat SEO is done in many ways when you hear the names, you must think that these are definitely evil!

Although all of them spamming, these are the search engine Rule’s Avoider! Because these are just the opposite of the search engine policy!

These methods are called unethical SEO!

But this is your biggest loss, this website can be dropped from the search engine at any time!

Because no one wants to break their policies and stay in their own position! Because everything is a rule!

  • Link Firm

Most Effective Black Hat SEO Techniques In 2019  (You Should Avoid)

For example, you have created 10-15 websites! Although it is not bad, you used it for the worst thing!

  • Now, what is the worst thing to do?

If you have a purpose, you can make these 10-15 websites your link making machine, that’s the Black Hat SEO Technique!

Suppose if you link a website to another website to increase a backlink to another website. And thus wanted to build backlinks! This is the link firm!

So if you do these things, then you will not be caught one day from the search engine and they will drop your websites from their search rankings!

  • Doorway Page:

For example, if you want to go to a good place without doing some hard work, because of which you have written with many keywords in an article!

Because of which you have given links to many websites in your post! If any Visitor land on Your website and They Just Leave From Your Website to another website!

He is redirected to another website! The search engine recognizes it as spam!

Because of that always try to avoid these tasks! If you are not able to write one you can try to enhance your post as you can!

Otherwise, the search engine will consider as a Black Hat SEO Technique.

  • Keyword stuffing-

If you publish your post on any keyword! 

But if you do not write the main subject in the article just write the keyword then it is called keyword stuffing!

If you do this then you can come to the first page of the search engine very easily! But you can keep your ranking as long as the search engine does not guess it properly!

So do not dory to always write any articles while maintaining a keyword density!

Even though doing so may take time to go to your rankings, but this ranking will last forever!

  • Invisible text:

What do we usually mean to be invisible?
Surely things that are not visible in general!

That means you used many keywords using your website colour! Although these keywords did not see everyone!

After reading their basics, they left your website! Although it isn’t normal to see any visitor! Still, the search engine can guess it very easily!

Even if you do this by doing good ranking, your ranking will not last long enough! When the search engine guesses it, then you will drop rankings!

Because it belongs to Black Hat SEO Technique!

  • Cloaking

Clocking is a technique or method that shows a different type of content on the search engine and the user.

It would be a little less to say that the search engine is a little Dodge.

Now, the thing that you’ll clear is when You Submit your article on search engine then review your Post By People/crawlers /spiders/scooters.

You can understand that the search engine is smarter than you! 😁

Because when you submit your post, this post has to pass this five! Now say for example! If you write this post!

So when the search engine will do something different to each other, what will the search engine do! Surely this will be considered spam and will give you a penalty on your ranking!

Because it is a sign of Black Hat SEO Technique! Try to avoid it!

  • Keyword Density:

Most Effective Black Hat SEO Techniques In 2019  (You Should Avoid)

Keyword Density is the number of keywords used in any of your posts!

Many times more than 3  keywords are used in 100 Words! It’s spam! You’ll refrain from it!

Besides, it belongs to Black Hat SEO Technique! That is, every 100 words will have to use your defined keyword at least 3 times! Not more than that!

  • Buy Link.

Most Effective Black Hat SEO Techniques In 2019  (You Should Avoid)

One of the things that Google hates most is a  buy link! There are so many websites that will be able to buy links from your website!

Although it is the best medium to get your ranking to a better position! Even if you buy a link from them, they will say that these links are very useful!

This means that you can see their website’s domain authority and page authority are much more, but search engines are considered That is spam.

Most Effective Black Hat SEO Techniques In 2019  (You Should Avoid)

And these links will not help in your rankings! Because of which these links will be discontinued!

And this kind of link is made Black Hat SEO Technique! So Don’t Buy a Link.

  • Content Copy:

All of us have an Idea about copy! This is a content that is first published on a website, then it is copied and published on another site!

That means when the search engine will crawl your post, it will be counted as a Copyright If any other website is published elsewhere.

If you do this copyright 10-12 years ago then it is maybe OK! It can not do any harm to your rankings maybe! Because In past algorithm is not so hard.

But if you now post a complete copy of the post and publish it on your website! Then it will be counted as copyright and you can never go to good rankings!

Besides, you can risk your site more risk by being punished by Google Pandya. Because it belongs to the Black Hat SEO technique!

  • Commenting spam:

Most Effective Black Hat SEO Techniques In 2019  (You Should Avoid)

When you go to a website or read a Post that they have then you feel bad or Good about it   Then there is a desire to make a good or bad comment about it!

Besides, you will find the comment box at the bottom of all posts and for your comments! Although it’s nothing bad!

But it will only get worse when you link your website to promote your site!

The search engine thinks it’s spam because it belongs to Black Hat SEO techniques!

So try to stay away from them!

  • Last word: – I hope you understand about black hat SEO technique! Although not able to understand the whole, I tried to give some ideas about the bad aspects of it!So one of my requests, no one will do this job! Because evil happiness is never permanent!

    Thanks for staying with!



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