How To Write An Article That People’s Want To Read|


A good and appropriate article can take your website to the top of the web.

But when we write an article, some people read it and others avoid it! The reason for which you did not like your content!

Today, in this post I will share with you how to write a good article so that everyone will want to read it!

1. Make awesome Title tag: – If you want anyone to publish your article then you must write a great title for it!

Now your question is, what is the relation between the title tag again? I want to tell someone to read my article!

Then listen! If someone does not click on your title then your content will read
Too, you need to create many interesting title tags!

Example: – Suppose you want to write about necessary of early rising!

 Now you can write like this! Seven Benefit of early rising! Number Five is shocked you!

Then everyone will think about what is number five! Everyone will have a curiosity and will definitely click on the bum!

2. Make sure your text size is Big: – We’re writing a lot of content but the text size is too small! Who has many bad sides!

If someone visits your website and they see that your article text size is Small.  Then what gonna they do?

Then they will definitely click on the button!

3. Use Heading: – You must make headings with the most impressive articles in your article!

Because it increases the value of appropriate reading content and makes it more interested to read content! 

Because anyone can be understood if they see your heading and what you’re going to write next!

So create a good quality handling and subheading!

4.Image: – In the words, an image speaks of thousands of words! That means you must use your content related image!

This will make it easier for anyone to understand your article! And will be encouraged to read! But try not to use too much image!

5.Post Body: – This is the most important part! If you want your article to be read by everyone, then you must take care of one thing, that is your post body!

It means that there are many people write a paragraph in their article about 10-15 lines! And many people are writing more than that!

If you are one of them then I will tell you to leave it! Because one thing knows! Nobody wants to read 8-10 lines paragraph.

Because it’s over for warming anyone! You must write a 4-5 line paragraph! This will help you to read your article!

And by that time everyone will read your article for a long time and all ask others to read!

So follow these process then the result will make everyone read your article!

Hope you like this till today!
Thanks for staying with us.

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