Increase Your Adsense CPC Up to 10$ ( With Proved)

If you ever tell someone what is the best way to earn online?

Then he will definitely answer your question. Why create a website and earn a lifetime.

You may be worried somewhat in this statement and you can ask again later – How to earn money from the website again?

Because the website will not give money and so will not give money Then he will again answer your question – why would I write some good quality posts.

And then you can apply for Google Adsense and when it becomes an upgrade then you can earn a lot of dollars by showing the ad.

That’s exactly right. Any good website can earn a lot of dollars by showing the ad. But it is more difficult than the Adsense Approval.

Now your question may be why?

Then listen – Adsense is the best way to earn income by displaying Add on your website. But while earning dollars by Adsense, there are a lot of things to look for.

One of which is: (CPC) Cost Per Click Which means you will be able to earn how much dollars per click on the ad unit shown on your website.

If your Adsense (CPC) is 0.20 $ then you will get 5 clicks to earn 1$.

However, it can be seen that many Adsense (CPC) are often $ 0.2 – $ 0.5, which is very low. Because of which only  requires many clicks to earn Just 1$.

You are probably worried about how to increase your Adsense  (CPC). Then I’ll tell you there is no reason to worry.

Because in today’s Article, I will share with you how you will Increase your Adsense (CPC) And (Boost Your Revenue)

(CPC) depends on the future of your overall income. The higher your (CPC) is, the higher your income will be.

There are a lot of ways to increase Adsense (CPC), but today I will show some tips that will play a lot to increase your Adsense (CPC).

  • Ad Unit Size: –

There are many successful sizes of the ad unit, the size of which can increase your Adsense CPC (CPC).

That means if your adsense (CPC) is below 0.5 $ then it will come up to $ 0.10 above. (I guarantee you)

If You Want To Increase CPC then Please Make Header Ads Look Like the Below Screenshot Size. that’s Much Pay You High Pay. And It’s also Help You to Increase Your Revenue. 

Increase Your Adsense CPC Up to 10$ And Boost Your Revenue! ( With Proved)

AdSense CPCs are largely dependent on the number of advertisements and the placement of the site. For example, ad posting titles for post titles are higher than other Area.

This means that if you insert ads just below the post headline, then a better quality CPC will be available than the other ad units.

Now your question should be placed at the beginning and end of an ad unit post?

Then I can tell you at the beginning of the post and at the end of the big rectangle 336 x 280 ad units.

Because the format of CTR (Click Through Rate) is the highest and returns are good.

Moreover, this size add unit’s CTR is much higher and earning better.

Also, use the highest number of ad units on the site page, because CTR (Click Through Rate) decreases (tested) when using more ad units.

Below are the possible possible CTR (Click Through Rate) of Adsense’s ad formats

Increase Your Adsense CPC Up to 10$ And Boost Your Revenue! ( With Proved)

  • Keyword Research:

You may know that AdSense has a rate for every keyword or phrase that has a cost per click, which is basically what Google has to pay to advertisers.

Good bloggers think of how much revenue can be made if the content develops in that keyword along with the user’s demand, intentions and accordingly selecting keywords according to each post.

The key word is to select keywords with good CPCs. That is, when you sit to write any post, the first and foremost work for you will be to select keywords with high CPC.

Because of which you must find keywords with a high CPC before you can ever write an article. So you can earn a lot of dollars each click.

Now your question might be how to do keyword research?

For example, there are paid tools that you will pay if you use them, you will also get many free tools. Tools that work a lot better.

Use the Adwords Keyword Tool for this. It’s free tools for keyword research.

Increasing the number of visitors, the keyword increases, the visitor increases, the increase in the number of clicks also increases.

So, by writing targeted keywords, write the post, see AdSense Revenue increasing at a faster speed.

  • Original and Quality Content Writing:

Many of us do mistake in this place. That means stealing content of another and putting on our website. That’s a very bad job.

Many of us forget the conditions of Adsense It is possible to earn good income if you follow it.

The first condition of earning good from AdSense is that the visitor’s original and quality content is published on regular websites.

Now your question is, what is the need for high quality content for Adsense’s CPC?

This is a very good question. If you write good and high quality original content, Hypayee advertisers come to ADS, who are interested in giving a good CPC for clicks.

That is, now you take the crown!

If you write good and original high quality content, then your adsense CPC will increase and your earnings will grow more and more.

  • Ad channel creation:

Advertising channels are also a matter of importance. If you create a separate channel for an ad unit.

By doing so you can understand how much you are getting from an ad unit. You can make a lot of money by doing this.

One of them is that if you know from earlier what kind of income you earn from an ad unit, then you can add more to that ad unit.

This will increase your income.

Blocking the Irrelevant  Advertisers

Being a relent-aid show means that good arning. In spite of having quality content in many cases, Adsense offers Irrelevant and low paid ads sites.

This reduces the income completely. Besides, there are such features in Adsense that allow you to block the irregular advertisers.


And you can also take advertisers with a good CPC according to your needs. So that you can earn good income.

This is an effective option. Advertisers who pay less than the Keyword Tools, Spyfu or KeywordSpy tools are able to find out.

And we can detect irregular advertisers by monitoring the previous edits displayed on the site.

For which you can block from Adsense Dashboard> Allow and Block ads> Blocking Options> Advertisers URL.

I Will Say You In the Title I Proved That, that Is Working With my  adsense.  I give You a Proved In the Below Screenshoot. Check  It out. 

Increase Your Adsense CPC Up to 10$ And Boost Your Revenue! ( With Proved)

  • Last Word:-

The important aspect of earning from AdSense is to increase the page view, keep the visitor more on the site.

That is, the more time you can keep the visitor, the more you increase your arc. For this you publish at least 100 articles.

Then there will be another post link in one post. By this the visitors will be on your website for a long time, and your earnings will increase significantly.

In addition, you must adhere to another thing, and follow the Policy of Adsense.

Because if you do not follow the rules of AdSense, your adsense will be canceled soon.

You can also come up with a small net based site whose success rate is very good. However, Google’s EMD update will be advised to be ahead of the update.


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