Top 7 Huge Link Building Mistake That You Should Avoid|

Google Have Over 200 Factor To Increase Your Search Ranking. A backlink is one Of them.

 A backlink is one of The Greatest Way to Increase Your Search Ranking.

But if you want to get your site in good ranking then you must create a better quality Backlink.

Everybody makes a lot of mistakes while making Backlink! Because of which you lose your website ranking day by day.

In today’s post, I will talk about the  Seven Link Building Mistake That You Should Avoid.

If you want to know about this matter completely then see this post until it is finished!

  • 1.Buying and Selling Backlinks:
Top 7 Huge Link Building Mistake That You Should Avoid|

You can get Thousand of such websites from Google that you can buy links from sites. 

Of course, when you buy these links, they will show you these good links.

What we generally understand is that the very high-quality domain authority (DA) and the Page Authority (PA)! Of course, when you check these sites (DA-PA) you can see their words are correct!

Now, if you buy these links by greed, then the ranking of your website will be damaged!

In addition to the backlink, sometimes the search engines cancel the site from their indexing!

Because the search engine only likes these links that links are natural.

Besides, Google’s algorithm updates have been cleared by the fact that it is a link and the sale is spam! 

These links will Just only damage your ranking, it can damage your site!

Because Google has cleared everyone about this issue. Whether to link or refrain from selling links! So it will be good if you refrain from links.

  • 2. Creating Link to Bad Site:
Top 7 Huge Link Building Mistake That You Should Avoid|Here’s what the bad site means, spam sites, duplicate content sites, auto blogging, illegal sites, porn sites etc.

Because the link to these sites is the complete signal. Because search engines think of the ranking of these sites as Ilegal And Spam.

If you want to increase your ranking to use these links in your site, then you will definitely be able to get penalties from search engine.

And if you ever take a penalty, then your rankings will be lagged behind! Therefore, in order to rank at the site, these sites have to refrain from backlinks.

  • 3. No follow backlink:

No links backlinks are actually links. Hope everyone understands these links are of any kind !. Yet for the people who do not know the example below.

  • For example:

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”> Link Text </a>

These links are very harmful in the ranking. Also, search engines think these links are spam.

Nofollow links will not hurt you.

But, these links are not calculated as a backlink and do not help a page’s placement in the SERP.

So you have to keep one thing in mind! You must create the following link!

Google clearly mentions that these links are often neglected. You work more on Do follow for backlink building.

You must also keep in mind another matter. If you only make do-follow the link, it will be considered spam. You can create some follow link as well as do-follow the link.

But it is very small. Because these can not cooperate with your rankings.

  • 4. Create Backlink From High Page rank Site.
Top 7 Huge Link Building Mistake That You Should Avoid|

High page rank, which we commonly understand, is the site with high-quality domain authority (DA) and page authority (PA).

We often build links from the Low-Quality Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) sites in hopes of getting many links!

Although it is a bit difficult to obtain an inclosure from the high page rank. However, if you can collect a link from the High Page Rank site, then this link will be equal to the 100-page link in the low page rank.

Now the question can be how to create links. there is a lot of ways. One of them is guest blogging. There is a great Way to Create Quality Backlink.

And by doing this you will get a link with good quality. Which will play a very important role in your ranking?

But one thing has to be kept in mind and it is not only to create high-quality bike link. That means if you create 100 high-quality links, then add at least 5-7 low-quality links.

  • Note: From the backlink page rank, 0 and 1 are very low, page rank 2 and 3 are slightly acceptable, page rank 4 or above just fine.

  • 5. Creating backlinks from other popular niche sites:

Here’s the irony that you mean Create backlinks from the bottom of your site, adding content from other sources to your site.

Let the matter be made more clear.

For example: writing about every blog posting on your site. That is if your site is below the blogging blog. If you only create a link from the sites associated with blogging below.

Because if you create links from your site related site, these links will contribute much more to your ranking.

So always try to make your keyword related to related links and related links to your website. Then these links will be very effective.

  • Note: Do not use all this type of anchor text is “click here” or “check it”.

Although backlinks from high page rank sites are good for all time if you can get a backlink as anchor text with your target keyword or relevant keywords.

Then it will be very effective to rank your site.

  • 6.Creating a huge amount of Backlink in a few days:
Top 7 Huge Link Building Mistake That You Should Avoid|


If you ever thought that making a lot of links in less time will help you.

Then I will tell you that you change your mentality. Because it’s your misconceptions.

Now your question may be why?

For example, a thing can be said that nothing is better in less time. I think you have no idea left.

Many sites have more backlink than the visitor of the site. Moreover, it’s not a problem. But it will be the cause of the problem only when you make the links very soon.

Although such link building may not be more spam than it is called.

Now your question may be, how much better how much Backlink will be made every day?

You can make a backlink every day. Although it will be wrong to say every day. You will try to make a backlink for one day afterwards.

Besides, sometimes try. After two to three days to create a link. Then links will be a natural link. And these links will play a major role in ranking your site.

  • 7. Make Article Directories Link:-

Top 7 Huge Link Building Mistake That You Should Avoid|


There are much more Article  Directories on the web! This place is The Easiest Way To Get link!  

Here  You will find a  link for Free or paid here is very Easiest place To get Link!  

When you visit this kind of web! Then You don’t need to work hard to get a link! You just need to Log in or sign up to get a link!  

And the  Coll part Of this Website is that You Well submit You All Of the links On this website!  And That’s Completely Free! But In some case, you need to Buy link!

You can get links easily from these article directories. Because of which Google does not give these links very much importance. And these links do not help in your rankings.

Moreover, these links can have adverse effects on your SEO. If you used these links before. There is no need to cut these links.

But after knowing this, do not waste time creating these links. Because they will not do anything to increase your rankings.

Too today so far. This is the 7th mistake of the link building. Which you must avoid.

Thanks for staying with.

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