21 Powerful Way To Create A Genuine Backlink|

When we talk about a search engine optimization or SEO on a website or blog, we divide it into two parts.

This is on the the the page and off-page optimization. Backlinks and Social Signals are more important in off-site optimization.

And high-quality backlink is the most effective way to increase the site’s rank and increase search engine traffic.

So to get good ranking, all have to pay attention to the creation of a quality Backlink.

In today’s post, I will show you 21  Powerful Way To Create A Genuine Backlink And  Boost Your Ranking.

The things you always have to keep in mind for making backlink are:

Do not use large links from the footer.
Avoid buying Exact Anchor Text.
Avoid buying backlinks from various sites (such as fever).

Use of Article Directory Links is not as effective, so try to avoid using it. You must refrain from creating links from any site other than below.

Come on, do not talk more about the main tricks:

1. Post a post on another blog:

Quality posting is one of the most effective means of getting quality backlink. For this, you can post a post on another site, like your top site with high domain authority and page authority.

And then by emailing them, you can publish your post on their website. By doing this you will get a better quality bitcoin for your website.

2. Comment on Do-follow blog:

This is also a good way to get a backlink. In order to get a backlink, you must comment on Do-follow blog.

You can link to your website in any of the comments.
However, it should be noted that the website is the high domain authority and the High Page Authority.

3. Forum Signature:

You will find many such forum signatures on the web. You can easily add links to your website.

You can add your website to any forum signature for this. However, this site should be a high domain authority and a page author.

4. Participate in the discussion of Relevant Forum:

You can take part in the discussion of many such relevant forums. And add links to your website in it. By this, you will get a quality backlink.

5. Add your site to the discussion board

There are so many discussion boards on the web that you can add links to your website. This will increase the activity of your website.

The best of the discussion board is Kierra. Increase the discussion by adding links to your blog website.

6. Share Your Site In Social Media:

When you publish a new post. Now share this post on the most popular social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Dig sites.

This will be the first time you get a backlink. And increase the activity of your website.

7. Adding Site to Blogging Community:

There are many blogging communities with many search engines, including Google. You can add links to your website in communities.

And by doing this you will get high-quality backlinks. Which will make a significant contribution to your rankings.

Some popular blogging communities are Blog Engage, MMO Social Network. 

8. Take part in various Q & A site

You will find many such answers sites on the web. On the sites of which everyone postes their concerns. You can take part in such sites.

For this, you publish a post on a number of very complex issues on your site. And you can write a few lines in response to their questions and link them to your website.

By doing this you will get a quality backlink. And the visitors will also be able to get it.

For example Yahoo Ansar and Quora

9. Use the link in your article:

When you publish a post, add some internal links inside your post. Remember that the link is your other post.

10.Link Exchange-

You can exchange link links with other blog sites, but it must be natural and adhere to the link pyramid form.

A search engine is a type of spam that will penalize your site.

11. Link to social networking site:

For this, ask your friends to attach to your social networking site. By doing this, you will get good quality backlink.

12. Social bookmarking site-

You can add your website’s post link to good quality social bookmarking sites. By doing this, you will get a good quality backlink.

Besides, you have the possibility of getting a visitor from these social bookmarking sites. Moreover, you can get the backlink of the High-Quality Domain Authority here. Which is better than other backlinks.

13. Submit your blog to Dig

This is a great site for Dual Backlink. If you would like to get a backlink from this site, simply submit your blog here.

It gives dual links and plays a role in Google Crowl.

14. Add a link to theme footer:

This will be possible only when you are in a good position in web development. If you know better about web development then you can add your link to any theme.

By doing this, your website will remain on that website when any website installs your theme. By doing this you will get a good high-quality biconvex.

15. Add Link to WordPress Plugin:

It will not always be possible. This will be possible only when you are able to create a plugin yourself.

When you create a free plugin. Then add your website link to this plugin. If you add this plugin to your WordPress site, you can get a link from that site.

16. Write a review about top companies and products:

For example, if I write something good about you then what do you do to me? Surely you will be happy with me and want to give me something.

If you write a review about any major or small company and product, in the same way, they will also give you a link.

But it will be possible only when your review will be seen. And they will be motivated when your reviews fall. So try writing reviews about big companies and products.

17. Top bloggers interview:

It is another key way to get good quality links. If you publish a large blogger’s interview then they may be happy to link your website to their website.

Moreover, if you ask top bloggers to share it then their fans will know about your website and they will visit your website.

By doing so you will be able to get better visitors as soon as you get a backlink. Because the success of any blog website depends on the good quality visitors to the website.

18. Markets of Testimonial Day:

If you give testimonials to large marketers and link your website there, then you can get a high-quality backlink.

Moreover, you can provide a good link to your Testimonials.

19. Submit your site to .edu and .gov forums and blogs:

These sites are associated with much high domain authority and page authority. And after submitting a post to these sites, you can get a good link.

Which can contribute significantly to your ranking?

20. Google Groups and Yahoo Groups-

These groups are a very popular group. If you submit your site’s link to these groups then you can promote your site as soon as you get the best quality.

Because millions of visitors come to this group every day.

21. Wikipedia pages:

If possible, open a Wikipedia page. If you open Wikipedia pages you will find a Resource option here.

And you can add links to your website in this resource section. By doing this you will get a high-quality backlink. Which will make important contributions to your rankings.

So That’s All. That Is 21 Techniques To Create A Powerful Backlink.

Hope You Are Enjoyed. Thanks For Being With Us         

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