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In Today’s World Everyone Want to Do Their Work Through Online. In day By day, Online Working increase So smoothly. 

Because Everyone wants to make Their passion On online.   

  • What is online marketing?

Generally speaking, marketing means that we understand all the activities that come to a consumer who has a product or service.

In a broad sense, suppose you want to reach out to a consumer or customer. That’s why everything you do can be called marketing.

You can also promote posters for your product or you can advertise your product.

And if you do these, then these will be in marketing. Again, if you want to do these things online, then it can be called online marketing.

Today I will Teach You A Clear And Ultimate Guide About Online Marketing ( Step By Step)     

Let’s make it more clear by the example.

Think you’re able to make a guitar company. Then you saw that after making the guitar, open some paths in front of you:

Some of them are:

  • Can you use those guitars manually?
  • Wishing the gift to your girlfriends.
  • Gift Those Your Friends Circle.
  • You can sell them.

Now if you are asked about which one would you survive?

Then you must answer that you will survive the fourth number from it. And that is what you will try to sell guitars and earn better income.

Now the question is if your gutter company is in America then And if I am in Bangladesh then how do I know about your company?

Or how will I buy guitars from your company’s or how people will know from other places that you have a company.

Yes, it’s a matter of marketing. You have to convey the name of your product, the listener, to me. And that will be online marketing.

Hopefully, online marketing is a bit clearer to you.

  • How to make online marketing?

There are many ways to do this, but I will discuss some of the important issues.

  • With annotation: – Advertising is a common medium for promoting the site. For example, if you open a new business company.

And then you opened a website to sell your product. It is normal that nobody knows about your website first.

But if you create some ads with your product And then publish your product advertised on big websites.

Then the next day you can see that many customers of your product are buying or showing interest. Although it’s not free, you have to spend a few dollars. 

Moreover, if you have more capacity. Although first, you will need to have the best capability. Otherwise, you cannot reach out to your product.

That’s what I wanted to say. If you are more capable, then you can increase your product’s popularity by advertising on television.

  • On the face of it:- I suspect that if you give your product to your mouth can it be dropped online?

Yet there is a reason to say it?

Did you know how the e-commerce giant Amazon started?

Of course, they would first reach out to all of the people in the face of their product.

However, there was a reason for this, that there were not many sites at the time, so much online.

And then only after hearing from one person to another, that site was very big and was known to everyone.

  • Search Engine Optimization: If you have noticed that the major sites (after social media) get 80-85% of the total visitors to their website from the search engine.

If a lot of time its calculation can be bigger. And not to mention another thing that if you have created a website then the quality of the website comes after it comes to a matter.

Which he Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? And if you can do SEO properly on your site, then you will go a lot.

Moreover, you can see thousands of articles about SEO. Those who posted these posts well on their website

If you see these, you can gain some knowledge about search engine optimization. The things that will give you a lot of success.

Moreover, when you do your site SEO, you have to be careful about many things. One of them is that you have to stop yourself from Black Hat SEO.

Because if you forget the search engine gives you penalties, then your product promotion along with your product will go a bit behind.

Because of which you will get red lights in your business. And you will die a lot in despair. So try to stop them from these things and be careful.

Now you are on online marketing. So the question is how do you promote your product?

  • Promote Your Product.

This is a very complicated question because if you can not promote your product then your business will not get accustomed like that.

A Clear And Ultimate Guide About Online Marketing ( Step By Step)

Besides, a small business, entrepreneurs, online marketers and bloggers who work online, need to promote themselves or promote products or services online.

Social media plays the most important role for your product promotion.

And online marketing, you must do some work to reach potential customers and service providers by promoting your product through social media.

For this, you have to first choose a good name for your company.

Target the potential buyers by not only increasing the social media networks you are active on.

During the social media campaign, there must be beautiful pictures and interesting content.

Below are the top Four online social media websites for online marketers.

You can run this promotional campaign well in social media. And you do not have to spend any extra on it.

The Top 4 Social Media Websites Of Online Marketing:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Pinterest

  • Facebook: Do you know what is the most commonly used social media? Of course, this is Facebook.

And among these huge populations, there is the acceptance of your product or service or your website’s potential visitors. You can sell your product’s good amount.

In addition to the one in 2018, it has been found that the number of the total number of active users of Facebook users is about 2.2 billion. This is the story of a romantic story It’s not really that true.

A Clear And Ultimate Guide About Online Marketing ( Step By Step)

You have two ways to sell your product on Facebook, very effective. And that is a group or a page.

But I will give more importance to the page than the facebook group here. Because the group is more than a member, many postings like uni post are posted.

So that the visitors are confused and they no longer return to the group. And if someone comes, then your product may not be of great importance.

Now you will be able to create a facebook page and upload your website name and profile picture in the name of the page.

And then you have to fully customize your page. Your page should be sorted in such a way that potential buyers are interested in.

Moreover, you will create a link to your page. Here you will find your personal cell number, in which visitors can contact you.

This will encourage more about your product. And your product promotion will be more effective. And your online marketing will also be a good one.

  • Twitter: Twitter is a micro-blogging site. According to the figures for 2018, Twitter currently has total aggregate users of 330 million.

In this social media, especially in any country celebrity, special people and many big business organizations are often active here.

Now your question might be that what you can do now?

When you log in or sign in to Twitter, you will find a specific profile link here. Where you can customize everything you need.

Here you will be raised an account which will only be used for your website product promotion.

Then you go to this account profile setting and use your website name and product company logo in the name.

And set up a header image and your profile background well.

Besides, there are many more features, one of which is that you can add links to your business website.

So that any visitor can easily go to your website and buy the product as you wish.

Using the hashtags, atoms, signals, you can adjust the contact with the person or community you want.

And this way you can run the campaign through Twitter.

  • Linkedin: It is also a popular social media According to the 2018enumeration, this social media visitor is about 200 million every month.

Although it is the most popular professional networking website Because here you will have the opportunity to create your profile.

Besides, you can also arrange your community here. Moreover, you can also promote your product with Linkedin.

Because LinkedIn also allows you to create a Brand Identity for your product or service.

Here you can create groups for your brand and promote it with affiliates.
Moreover, after you create your brand, you will be able to sort your brand group yourself.

And you’ll be able to promote your product with those groups you get in your group.

  • Pinterest: Which is the most popular social bookmarking site you know at the shortest time? This is Pinterest

According to the 2018 summation, Pinterest has about 200 million monthly users. However, the posting is done only with photos in it.

Moreover, this website will be able to do the best for online marketing of your products and services.

Because you can create your first business profile here. And one of the best aspects of it is that it names a personalized user by the name of your business.

Moreover, you can add links to your other social media. You can also promote these social media links.

And another good thing on this social bookmarking site is that if you have a website then you can get a dual backlink from this site. Which will make a good contribution to your ranking.

  • Negative Marketing.

What is Negative Marketing?

There are many who do not have any idea about this. The kind of marketing that is harming your profits is negative marketing. It is a very sensitive matter online.

A Clear And Ultimate Guide About Online Marketing ( Step By Step)

Negative marketing can actually cause much damage to your business. Because of which you have to abstain from these things.

Now your question is what is negative marketing?

Let’s talk about some negative marketing:

  • You discussed a variety of product reviews and when someone bought your product, you could see another type.

That means you give the customer a fake product. If you had been here, how would you feel?

You must think about it. That’s a bad company. And you’ll probably abuse in anger and you will never go to this company anymore.

Moreover, when you share these words with someone. That means to your friends. They will also know about this and they will also refrain from buying the product of this company.

So you have to be careful about one thing and that will never confuse the customer. Because it will harm you.

  • Unless creating a link:

I know it is very important to increase the rank of your business website. 

Because when a customer searches for a search engine by entering a product, he will show interest in the product that he sees first.

And if you want to increase the ranking of your website, then you must link building. And that’s the most important thing in Google’s algorithm.

But if you make the link, then there is no way of loss without profit. But if you create these links, then how will you look in the comment box from the pornography site or others?

Now, if you think it is possible to run your product promotion by commenting below the tune of another website. So it’s a big mistake.

That means, by linking the comments of a comment to others, to visit the others. It’s somehow negative marketing. I would like to think, “What is the site, no one can go😅

No matter how good your site is, no one will think that it is a bad site. Because these things are so bad.

If you want to create a link then post on the other websites. This will allow all the users of the website to know about your website.

This will increase your product view. Moreover, your product sales will be much higher than before. And your website ranking will also go a long way.

  • Last word – I’ll talk about the other tunes that speak this tune too. If you want to get success in online marketing, you must work patiently.

But the tasks are not hard to work at all. You have to do smart lines. And to work hard work.

By this, you will one day get success in online marketing. Insha Allah.

That’s All for Today.  Thanks For Hard to Read These Article.

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