SEO Made Simple|Even Your Kids Can Do It|

SEO Made Simple|Even Your Kids Can Do It!

Do you want to rank Number 1 on Google?

Who doesn’t want to rank number 1 on google?
But hated to Say Its actually Really Hard.

In 8-10 years Ago it’s Actually Simple but Now a day’s, it’s  Really Hard. But it’s  looking so easy when Your
read These Article until it ended.

So today I will teach you full SEO guide step by step that’s help you rank number 1 on google Today!

I started SEO When I am just 13 years old kid. My first Website is
But Unfortunately, it’s no longer.

When I am Create My website Everything is Looking so Good and Healthy But I saw that None can Come on to my website.

And none can read My article. I want to say My traffic Is Just Under zero! Then I realized that Something Is called SEO.

And Actually, I am very Wondered that What Is SEO!  How can I do it on my website?

I paid a lot of Dollars to learn SEO. On this Time I want to Learn it And rank number 1 on google. but unfortunately, it does not work.

At last, When I am 13 years old Kids I am lost all of my money!

When I am starting website Its Look simple Put in an Article and its rank!  But Nowadays It’s not easy!

So let’s go to the main trick:-

1. Optimize your Title tag and meta description:-

SEO Made Simple - Even Your Kids Can Do It

Have you ever done google Search and they show your link at the Top it’s called Title tag? And one or two sentences in below it’s called meta description!

Let’s go you search on Google online dating. When you search these keywords some of the top results you don’t see your search keyword online dating!

And the addition that has you ever done to search online dating and you ever notice isn’t worded title and meta description.

That’s because google track WHO’s clicked on that listing. If you learn what keyword in the listing that same keyword your searching for you know you way more like and click thru.

So your title tag and meta description make sure you include your keyword. you can’t just include your keyword like online dating ‘

The easy way I wish you online dating push is over 20 Times when you put it over 20 Times then Peoples actually know that This article is online dating related.

But that’s not that’s simple. yes, you include your keyword on title tag and meta description. But it has to be appealing.

If you don’t flow in a sentence it’s doesn’t easy to read and not acquiring the appealing are bothing key rosary and no one Click thru.

2. Use Google Search Console:-

SEO Made Simple - Even Your Kids Can Do It

That you know that Google gives you a free toll that Teaches you how to rank number one on google. Its called Google search console.

You see You Search console home page Search analysis That which keyword gets you more traffic. The coll things of it it’s Show you that how many impression you Getting and How many clicks you getting.

If you don’t know which is impression let’s talking something about it.  If you search Something on Google. Then people show you How many People’s Show your listing and they Don’t click.

So they show you How many impression You Getting and How many clicks You Getting . and the coll things of Google  Search Console they Show you All the Keyword You Impression For.

And All one keyword That you getting Clicking for. So if you use the Search Console to time back to the First trick.

Take this kind of keyword that You Impression for and add to Copy! If you write an article online Dating.

But you add that kind of keyword Look like online dating, Tinder, EHarmony, Dating online,  meeting someone for online marketing.

If someone Read Your article and they Show your article these Kind Of result. These time they Just hated your Article. And they Bounce on your site!


Because none can Want to read these Kind of Too many Keyword Article. I want to say  It’s actually just over warming for anyone.

So before you Sing in Google search Console you need to add copied keyword and them to your article.

If you these  On your article. I don’t Say You It’s instantly working. If you add these on your article You Show tremendous result within 15 days. That’s not a long time.

Best way to Increase Your ranking it’s slow and steady. Its really does Won the rank!

Google looking that is you get more Click And other People’s around your Article. That’s Slowly Increase your Ranking.

Because the Reason is On page one It’s a lot more value lot more Click. Because Google wants People’s Actually read the Good ideas.

3.What you Should Do when your Ranking drop:-

SEO Made Simple - Even Your Kids Can Do It

Question Is What is the Time when My rankings Drop!  And why?

So first Things you need to Do and Show Which page Is Dropped. You need to Go to your Google Search Console account.

Then you see which page is claimed in rank and Which page is Descarese in Rank!

If you see Your Graph is going up It’s Doing well. And if you see your graph going down that’s mean you need to Work Hard!

Look at the Top site to rank Your related keyword. Keep your Eyes on Their Content which things Are missing on your content.

If you see Your Content is Different for their occasions that’s means you need to optimize your content and make super thru.

Make sure Your Title and meta description tag is Actually related for your Keyword.  When you do that you need to submit you Url on Google Search Console.

When you submit It on Google Search Console. Then its Index Your page and then with then a week a month your ranking is starting Claiming back and its Starting better.

It’s that simple You should follow these step and continually rank Higher and Get Your Ranking back.

Even your ranking is drooped for something wrong It’s ok. Most important things are updated Adjust your pages and get Your rank back!

4. Find Your Right keyword:-

SEO Made Simple - Even Your Kids Can Do It

If you want To Found the Right Keyword you need to use Google trend! It’s another free tool by google.

Its break down keyword traffic from web images and News. So that breaks down which keyword are claiming and popularity.

And you wanna go after the keyword that on popular heap You need to claim it!

One of the main reason is google has to increase your ranking Its called time. It’s hard to outrank to all of the pages. It’s not impossible it’s just hard!

5. Boost your ranking Through Internal ranking:-

SEO Made Simple - Even Your Kids Can Do It

Every time when you write a brand new Website post make sure you need to add a link on your main Guide that discusses your Main keyword Is?

Next things you need to do that link into your Sidebar. You should visible your link. Some People use these Internal link on many tabs.


But unfortunately they Use Small size on their link and the reason is It’s not visible.   You don’t wanna do any of these steps. That doesn’t work well!

You should make sure your every internal link is Visible and it’s on every major page of your site! 

6. Increase your SERP click-thru rate:-

SEO Made Simple - Even Your Kids Can Do It!

First things you need to do that what keyword you ranking for use Google search console and You will See which keyword each of pages your ranking for!

Then take that keyword and put them on your title and meta description tag. When adding a keyword and ideally in the front, you show that more People click thru.

Include a promise on your title tag! If you include a promise much People’s like and they click on your title because they understand the benefits.

Such as ‘How to Sell your Endestroy  in next 24 Hour’s”

I know it is very Crazy promise! But you get what Is mean.  if you even tell People this kind of promise that
“How to sell your Endestroy more than asking Rate”

It’s Amazing promise if you delivered This kind of promise on your title tag then all of those Peoples actually surprised and click-thru on your title!

6. Use a word effortlessly on your title:-

If you use that your title much more People’s like and they click on That! If you use this kind of title that –
“How to double your Search Engine traffic”
you make some of the clicks on that.

But if you used these Kind of Title “How to effortlessly double your Search engine traffic”   much more People’s likes your title.

And they click on that because when they write your title they fell O wow! Now my search traffic is Double Without a lot more work! You will see the Result that over 80% People’s click on your Title.

Follow all of Those tips result that you will be get more click. If you will get more click eventually your ranking is more rise!

So That Is the simple step By step Seo Guide! If you Follow that You will get Higher Rank On Google!

Thanks for reading!

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