Adsense Ads are not Showing on Website or Blog?(100% Solve)

Everyone wants to take the advances of Adsense?  Sometimes we show that we get fully approved Adsense but Ads are not showing on our site!

There may be many reasons for this.  Many people may not think of how to solve it.

In today’s post I will try to fully give ideas about this.

First of all, one thing is clear that Adsense will stop showing Ads on your site immediately when you ignore their policies.

Many people think that after posting a few good Articles And get approved , then I will post whatever I want on my site!

This idea is stupid at the extreme stage.  Because Adsense is active about its policy.

Whenever you break their policy, they will stop the ads-on for your site.

  • Copy right Contents:-

Yes it’s the most hate of Adsense.  Because Adsense always wants you to publish a great unique content.

If we do not take Adsense in our Website, we can publish any post.

When you publish some copyright post, it will affect your site when you approve AdSense!

As a result, Adsense will remove the ads showing from your site.

Again many times you have seen that you write your own contents but still ads are not showing!

The main reason for this is the stolen content from your website.  Yes you heard right!

There are many such people who steal the content from your site, and they rank higher than you in the same keyword.

Moreover, it will be called copyright if their post is indexed in the search engines before your post.

Consequently, if you are the main post author, your post has become copyrighted. Which is a great effect in Adsense.

You can stop the copyright for your site.

If you have closed the copyright on your site, then no one can copy any information from your site.

You have to do a simple job for this.  It is a copy of the code below and you will need to add it to your site.

 Code Link:Download It!

Once the link is copied, go to your Blogger dashboard.

Then – Add A Html JavaScript- Paste Code And Save!

Why Adsense Ads are not Showing on Website or Blog?(100% Solve)

Now your work is done.  Now no one can copy any imprint document from your site.

  • Site load speed

We have a lot of time to see that loading speed is slow in our site, this is actually a lot more effect when adsense ad show!

Because your site’s speed is too slow, adsense ads to take time to appear because some of ads showing  by images!

Because first of all the images of your website loading, then adsense images will be loaded!

So always try to keep the website fast!

But another thing, if you use WordPress, you can increase your website speed like Sky Rocket!

This will also adversely affect your adsense’s ad show because your After Boost Your load speed then may JavaScript  will not work!

So keep it on your mind!

  •  Adsense Policy Violence:-

Adsense policy is a very strong policy. If you ignore their policies, then your site will automatically stop the ads showing!

Because they want enough about their policy, you can not neglect their police force and they will give you the warning if You do it!

If you do not update your site by These  warning, then no ads will appear on your site!

So these are the problems that  happen ads are not showing  after getting approval on your website with Adsense!

If you follow it, I gurrenty you That Adsense will not remove ads from your site!


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