Questions About Content Writing Strategy and Answer|

Thousands of questions pop up in our head about content writing!

How to write content and what content will bring our business to the pinnacle of success!

It is actually known to everyone how content can give your business Zero to Hero!

But we always wander around with questions about this content strategy!

In this post, I have discussed a few common questions about content writing and their correct answer!

If you would like to see this post at the end and ask all your questions in a simple and appropriate solution!

  • Where do I write an article?

This question revolves around thousands of people!  Does that mean many people tell me where to write content?

There are a few systems you can write your content with others if you want or you can follow the content of others yourself!

First of all, it does not say how you will follow the content of others and write an entirely new article!

 For example, you want to write an article on SEO!  For this, you first need to enter SEO into the Google search bar!

Now you can see here that there are more than a million results about SEO!

Now read some of the content right from here and try to understand it well!

This will allow you to see that you have a great article to write even when you have no idea about SEO!

And in this way, you can write a whole new content by following the content of others!

But remember one thing is that your content is completely new and do not match the voice of others!

 If you have a creative talent you can do it very easily!

Now let us give you a detailed idea of ​​how you write content with others!

There are many paid market niches on the web where you can find many unique content gifts by spending a few dollars on them!

Or you can write content from your partner or your trusted person if you want!

However, be aware that the content is not copyrighted in any way. If you want to check the plagiarism in the content then publish it!

I have published a post on this site on how to check the plagiarism of any content, you can see it from below!


Now let’s talk about a few paid marketplaces!  

If you want this market costs a few dollars you can get unique content!

But if you see a website that sells content very cheaply, stay away from them!

Below I am talking about a few websites that you can get unique content from!

You can get articles from various marketplaces like iRighter, TextBroker, Upwork, HireWriters,

But try to get more articles from the above web sites!  Because these sites are so trusted!

  • What will be the keyword density in the article?

I do not think it would be okay to shave such a head about it!  But even if you take it off at once, it won’t happen!

Keep writing content regularly!  If you write content on Writer’s Deer then I will say clearly I do not want SEO content!

And tell them that the key is to settle the word in a natural way without having to worry too much about word density!

For Amazon Affiliation, since 5-5 wards is a keyword, the 1.5-5.5% density becomes much higher, especially in the field.

If there is an article in that word, there is no need for more than 3-5 keywords.

No need more than 3-5 times in 5 thousand.  

There was no problem with the short keywords, since the keywords are 5 words or more, so you have to keep them low.

  • How much do I pay for every thousand words?

Let’s first clarify one thing here!  The higher your abilities in content writing, the more native content you get!

I mean you get a better quality native content writer!  And you’ll receive a Natural Content Gift!

But if you want to write a 1000 word container, you have to pay 10$ to 12$ if you are too low!

The more you spend here, the more natural your content will be!

If you want to get a native Content Writer, your Ability must be between  20$- 25$!

So you never want to downplay your website’s ranking in the hope of being cheap!

  • Where can I find the image to use in Articles?

We make a mistake all the time and that is how we put the image used by Google into our content!

It actually falls into the copyright image and if you do, you will never get a good ranking!

Now the question is where do you get images that will not be copyrighted!  If you like you can take images from many stock image websites for your article!

You can get help with some stock image websites for free. Here you will get free copyright images without copyright!

Here are some of the best websites of all websites: – Pixbay, Sttuterstock, Pixels, Adobe stock, Vector Stock Etc.

Plus there are many other stock image sites from which you can get many stock images for your article!

You can use these images as you wish, they will never be copyrighted images!

  • Can I use someone else’s YouTube video in an article?

If this is your question then my simple answer is that you can definitely use YouTube video!

But one thing to keep in mind is that if you talk about a website after watching the YouTube video, then the video footage is captured on the website!

If anything like this I thinks it would be best not to follow this video!

But if no such website is mentioned, then you can follow this video and write an article!

But if you absolutely copy the words of that youtube and write it in your article, it doesn’t look like much good!

Follow YouTube’s words and try to write a lot yourself!  That means you can write ten more words of your own on YouTube alone!

  • How many articles should be published on the new site?

I don’t think that’s a very important question!  One thing to keep in mind is that the higher your content, the higher the quality of your website!

However, since this is a question I give a probable answer!  You can publish 40 to 50 unique posts for your Nish site!

But when you touch the milestone, try to increase the number!

But not just writing content, you must keep in mind that content is copyright-free and unique!

  • How long should I write the article in the main keyword?

It actually depends on your keywords, always!  That means your keyword will give an idea of ​​how big your article will be!

But always try to find an article on a keyword that must be over a thousand words!

But if you are a good writer or you have creative talent, always try to make content great!

But if you write whatever you want to make the content bigger then the effect will be on your content!

Always try to insert some essential information into the content!  So that users do not have any question about this topic!

And if you have an attitude like this, the content will be much bigger!

Another thing to be clear about is that the content of the content is essential information!

  • Can you recommend me a Writer?

Honestly, it’s your thing!  That is, the mood of each person can be different!

Honestly, I can’t give you a writer’s pension in person!

Because if I tell you about a writer like this and somehow you don’t like the writing of this writer, then the blame is on me!

So try to choose a transliterate writer yourself!  And if you can publish the content yourself, it will be better!

Last words: The above questions may not be included in your article!

However, most people may have the above questions!

This post is meant to give some ideas to those who wanted to answer these questions!

Also, if you have any questions, feel free to run in the comment box!  Or you can mail me!

 Many thanks for being with!

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