Marketing Vs freelancing?Which Better For You?

Marketing Vs freelancing?Learn Which one is better for You!

Everyone in the Internet world or anyone who wants to make a passion on the Internet.

And to use these as the only means of income while crossing here from engaging in a job on the Internet.

Although you have many ways to create a Passion here, today I will discuss two things: one is marketing and the other is freelancing.

That is, you will connect yourself to the Internet by either of these two tasks.  And be able to earn.

Many people have been able to make their living on these two issues – marketing and freelancing.

Choosing one of Immortal Marketing or freelancing does not mean that the other buzz or the other will not work for you.

The only reason to choose is that if two things are together, we always want to choose the thing that is easier than the other.

We can easily understand this thing through some features and differences.

So in today’s post, I will discuss some of the advantages of marketing and freelancing.

When you are notified about it, you can easily understand which team will able to start your online career.

  • Freelancing:

At present, there are very few people who do not know the word freelancing in the younger generation.

Freelancing means a free or open career.  Here you have the privilege of working independently of an organization without a keen eye.

Freelancing is a platform where you first learn how to work well on any topic.

Only when you can increase your skill on any job will you be eligible to earn.

For example, you know best about HTML web development.

Now someone wants to create a new website.  And because you have the right knowledge about it, you do it.

And got his wages from that person.

That is, here you can do web development, content writing, graphics designing, search engine optimization, blogging and affiliate marketing and more!

So take a look at how you’ll be able to do the things above.

Web Development:

Currently, there are about 1.5 billion websites.  Hey, of course, website owners choose web development for website creation.

And almost every day, numerous websites are created.  Many of which are developed by the website owners themselves.

And the rest of them have to build their website with the help of other web developers.

So that web developers can customize their website beautifully for a few dollars.

Now if you are involved in this task or learn web development, you can easily earn the exchange of creating someone else’s website.

If you want to learn web development then you can get some help from below site.

Sites that help you learn web development very easily and you can make a passion online.

Website or graphics design:

Knowing the design of graphics in the Internet world you might find many of work.  

It is a reputable profession and the person employed can easily create a passion online.

If you are able to learn graphics design then millions of websites will look for you to create their infographics.

And you can earn more dollars in a short time by creating infographics.

According to Salaries, an international organization working on the salary of graphics designers, a graphics designer can earn more than 1$ million a year.

Also, there are many websites that have to do instant web design.

If you look after a website like this, you can make more profit in less time.

If you want to learn graphics design, you can use the following websites.

Blogging & Affiliate Marketing:

You will be able to create a free blog at and increase the number of visitors by writing content there.

Here you can create a website with a free domain and write content on a topic you know about and earn it regularly.

Affiliate Marketing will enable you to earn revenue through other product campaigns.

I have written content on how to start affiliate marketing and earn from here. You can get a full idea about it from the link below.

Search Engine Optimization:

In the world of the internet, the web site is needed for any product campaign or business.

And there are about 1.5 billion websites all over the Internet.  Some of which contain content written on a keyword on several websites.

And when you search for that keyword, why not come to your website in the first place?

The issue is that the better the search engine optimization, the higher its website ranks.

And many come to get help with good search engine optimizers for changing their rankings.

And if you have a good idea about search engine optimization then you can create a position in online with the help of other websites.

You can learn SEO by using the following websites:

And the above mentioned ways you can do freelancing very easily. And if you doing freelancing then everyone called you a freelancer. 

  • Marketing:

Defining marketing, Philip Cutler said: “Marketing is about Satisfying needs and wants through an exchange process.”

In marketing, you have to work to meet the needs and needs of your targeted customer or any customer.

Customer is the main focus of marketing.

And when it comes to marketing, you must plan four. Without those planes, you are almost impossible to market.

  •  Product
  •  Price
  •  Place
  •  Promotion

So first of all, let’s clear these above step by step.

Product: We usually find the product first and then start marketing. It’s actually a wrong process.

If you look at the big marketing, you can see that before the customer ready and then they make the product.

And when you take into account the product when marketing online, you should first be ready to target your target customer.

This will help you avoid creating unnecessary ‘customer’ products.

And you will create and deliver the product to customer demand.

It will be very easy to do two things first – to create a product and have a full guarantee of selling it.

Price: Any product has to set a specific price.  However, there are many things you need to examine before determining the price.

For example, if your product is priced higher than other marketplaces, then no one will buy the product from you.

It must buy products from companies or marketplaces selling at low prices.

So, first of all, you need to look at other marketplaces how much is the value of the product you want to sell?

And at what price, buyers are comfortable buying it.

Place: Place is essential in all kinds of business. That is the geographical position.  

You need to know if the product is going to match the culture, the weather, the country of that country or the area.

Because if you create a product that people in that country or area are not interested in buying, then your business will suffer great problems.

So first of all, get enough idea about the condition of this place and then create a product.

And by the above four topics, you will be able to do marketing.

So once you’ve got an idea about marketing and freelancing, surely the only question you have in mind now is?

What do I actually do?  Marketing or freelancing?

If you want to do marketing, you have to spend dollars on a product or campaign.

Because first, your organization needs to reach out to everyone.   And when everybody knows your company, then your marketing will succeed.

And whatever you do freelancing, you don’t have to spend a dollar.

Then as you learn to work, you can easily create a position online.

But whatever you do, you must take the time to do so.

If you quit working after 2-3 months of frustrating work, then one of these two marketplaces is not for you.

So once you exist well aware of the things mentioned above, start working on what you love.

Numerous good wishes.

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