Recover Google Account with Simple Way|

Recover your Gmail account with a very simple way! (Keep strong security your Gmail account)

Google Gmail is the most widely used communication tool in the Internet world.

This means that anyone using this Gmail mail can easily connect with anyone in the online world.

While Google Security is extremely tight, accessibility to anyone’s Gmail is relatively easy.

Air becomes easier when you are not able to give your Gmail full security.

As a result, you are in distress losing your Gmail account.  Then you have just one option open and recover your Gmail account.

The main reason is that with this Gmail account you are connected to the Internet through various social media.

For example, you can connect to any website, including YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

It is important to recover your Gmail account when it is hacked.  And if you don’t do it, you could end up with a huge loss.

Today’s post I’ve talked about the simple and easy process of how to recover your Gmail account.

You can use two links in the Gmail Help Center at Google. It helps you to easily access your hacked Gmail.

Link: Recovery Gmail

After clicking on the link above, you will see a page where you can enter your hacked mail account.

Recover your Gmail account with a very simple way! (Keep strong security your Gmail account)

Google will take you to a page similar to the one given below, and you can type the characters you remember into the password.

Since this was your Gmail, it is only natural that you remember your password.

If you remember, click on continue with the password.  And otherwise, click on the Try Another great Way.

Recover your Gmail account with a very simple way! (Keep strong security your Gmail account)

Then you flip all the queries they have given you will be able to retrieve your Gmail very easily.

This will be very easy if you have already added your phone number or recovery system to your Gmail.

Because it allows you to easily access your Gmail again with your recovery options by clicking on Forgotten password.

If you have a phone number added to your Gmail ID and you are able to give them all the queries correctly.

You’ll be able to easily add another new password like the screenshot below.

Recover your Gmail account with a very simple way! (Keep strong security your Gmail account)

Moreover, if the above system does not work for you.  That is if you have not added any phone numbers or recovery options to your Gmail.

Or if you don’t remember your Gmail ID password, you can take action with another way on your Gmail ID.

Clicking on the link below will take you to the Gmail Help Center.

Link: Gmail Help Centre

After visiting the help centre you can recover your Gmail account very easily with the help of experienced Google Expert.

But here you have to give your Gmail information as much as you remember.

Otherwise, Experts will think you may want to access someone else’s Gmail address.

And you can easily access your hacked Gmail again in the above-mentioned ways.

Let’s make your Gmail address security a little stronger so that Gmail doesn’t get hacked.

In many cases, you can protect your Gmail account from being hacked if you strengthen your Gmail ID security.

  • Use Strong Password.

You can use different symbols in your Gmail ID password.  Try to make your password as large as possible.

And you can use lowercase letters and space if you want.  I’m giving a password demo.  If you want you can use a password like this.

Demo-BaNglaDE-sh% @69#?”  If you enter such a Strong password or even a Strong password.  Then you’ll be able to prevent your Gmail ID from being hacked a bit.

Because hackers give a brute force attack, your password is very easy to get. If your password is like this, then nobody will be able to log in even after knowing the password.

  • Two-step verification:

Set up the two-step verification process as much as possible in the Gmail ID.  You can add a phone number to open this process.

Recover your Gmail account with a very simple way! (Keep strong security your Gmail account)

Anytime you try to login to your Gmail account from a new device, a code will appear on that number.

And if that user wants to log in to your Gmail id then you must use the verification code.

Otherwise, it is difficult or almost impossible.

  • Recovery Process:

You can easily recover your hacked Gmail ID by the recovery system if you want.

Or if you forget your Gmail account password for some reason, you can still recover your Gmail account.

Adding recovery options to your account is a simple matter.  You can add another mail or phone number to your Gmail as a recovery option.

This will make it almost as easy as protecting your Gmail ID from being hacked.

  • Https Everywhere Extension:

You can install “Https Everywhere Extension” in your browser if you want.

Recover your Gmail account with a very simple way! (Keep strong security your Gmail account)

Because there are so many sites on the web that they can easily access your Gmail account if you enter it.

By doing so you can lose your Gmail account.  And you may suffer extreme pain.

And this extension will protect you from any bad site in your browser.  By doing this you can easily protect your Gmail ID from being hacked.

  • Activity log:

Gmail Activity Log There you can easily see where your Gmail account has been logged in.

And if you see a suspicious login here, you can easily change your Gmail password.

And for this reason, check the activity log regularly to see if your Gmail account is secure.

Last word: if your Gmail account gets hacked, it’s important to recover it.

Because having a Gmail account can be the only way to get paid for the hard work you have done in your lifetime.

So let’s say one thing is to confirm the security of the Gmail account before it is hacked.

Add at least one recovery option.  And with this hacked account you will be able to recover very easily. If your forehead is not bad.

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