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There is a blog or website but you will find very few such bloggers who do not want to monetize their site with Google Adsense.

Google AdSense is known as the gold deer.  This allows you to easily monetize your website and earn from it.

But before or after monetization from Google Adsense its publishers face many problems.

Many people are taking it to leave from Google AdSense because they don’t find the right solution.  The whole point is that Google Adsense is banning their account.

if you have not encountered any problem with Google AdSense then this post is for you.

Because when you are a Google AdSense publisher you can see at least one of these issues.  So it is better to take the solution in advance.

This post discusses the solutions to all Google Adsense issues and discusses in detail why these issues occur.

Earnings at risk – You need to fix some ads.txt file issues to avoid a serious impact on your revenue.

 Earning at risk: You need to fix some ads. txt file issues

Currently, most AdSense publishers are seeing this problem more or less.  Why is it  And how to find the right solution?

The main reason for this problem is that it will appear if you do not use the ad code given to them on your blogger or WordPress site after accessing Google Adsense.

But first, let’s say this is not an error message. This is a Warning Message.  When you add the ads txt file you provided to your site, it will be gone.

Then where to find the ads txt file for your AdSense account.  You can use a simple process for this., pub-XXXXXXXX, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Now you need to change one of the codes above.  And that is pub-XXXXXXXX, instead, you have to put the publisher ID in your AdSense account.

Or you can figure it out the other way.  For this you need to search the link below in any search bar then you will get ads txt file for your site.

https: // your domain name / ads.txt

Paste the link to your web site in place of your domain name in the link above.  Only then will you get the ads txt file for your site.

And then the above is useful for use on your blogger or WordPress site.

To use the code on your blog site, you must first go to the Blogger Dashboard.  Then set-search preference -custom ads.txt-enable-paste code.

Then save the above code.  And in a while, you will no longer see this problem.

 Ad serving has been limited problem solving

Ad serving Has Been Limited Problem Solved I’ve encountered this problem myself.  And at the mercy of God, this problem is no more.

Let us first take a look at why the above is a problem?

The main reason for this problem is that it occurs when the number of visitors to your site decreases or the content of your site is not regularly published.

As a result, ads do not begin to appear on your blog or website.  Google AdSense stops serving ads on your site.

And to overcome this problem, you must follow a few steps.  And after following the steps you will no longer see this problem.

Google AdSense will start adding ads to your site again and your earnings will start again.

For this, you will need to write some new content first.  After writing the content you can share them with all social media if you want.

So that social media use can see your content and then click on it to enter your site.

Not only that, you can bring visitors effortlessly from these by writing interesting content.

In addition, there are many question method sites that you can link to your site by answering the questions of others.

As a result, they will click on your link and return to your site, hoping to get the correct answer.

Moreover, you can bring visitors to your site by posting guests on other sites.

This will increase the number of visitors to your site and you will no longer see the problem caused by the visitor.

If the above method does not work, you should first remove your site from Google AdSense.

And then send it to AdSense for review by adding it back to the site.  Your site is a unique site as you have previously received AdSense approval from this site.

Adsense will approve your site whenever you send it to AdSense for review.

And you may notice that your site is displaying ads again.  The key is that you have correctly addressed the ad serving Has Been Limited problem.

 Valuable inventory: no content

valuable inventory no content The problem is usually seen by new AdSense publishers.  

There are times when you want to take your site from AdSense for coral.

There are a number of reasons for this problem: Your site may not be suitable for AdSense access.

We generally know that Approval can be easily taken in AdSense by writing 7 or eight articles.

However, this is only possible when you write a unique article.  Otherwise, this is not possible in any case and you will see a valuable inventory no content issue.

For this, when you look at this problem during AdSense approach, you should write 2-3 articles.

And when you rewrite 2-3 articles, you must be sure that the content is unique.

And then send your site back to AdSense for review.  Then you will not see this problem anymore.

Another point here is that when we want to add our site to AdSense, my site’s domain is set to otherwise your site will not be added.

And when you add Google Adsense to your site, then search to see if your site is redirected to

Although it is not widely seen on the WordPress site, BlogSite issues appear only when you do not redirect such links when setting up a domain.

And that’s why many times when you apply for AdSense Approval, you see this problem in valuable inventory.

And when you apply the above-mentioned processes to your website site, you will not see this problem again.

And you can easily take the coral from AdSense for your blog or WordPress site.

 Valuable inventory: scrapped content

Google Adsense mainly wants publishers to take a unique content gift from their visitors.

And whenever you cover your article like any other 8-10 articles, you see this problem valuable inventory: scraped content.

And to get it out, you have to work with a completely different keyword.

For example, what if you wrote an article on Online Marketing?

You may be aware that there are hundreds or more articles written on online marketing for millions of such websites.

And you wrote an article like this.  How likely is it that you might find this article different from other articles?

Of course, you will be able to give very little information from yourself and copy other information from those websites.

Is there any benefit to the visitors?  You have just increased the content but this is not a job.  And AdSense hates it.

As a result, you face this problem when you want to gain access to AdSense: valuable inventory: scraped content.

So to overcome this problem you must write unique content with a new keyword.

Then you can get Approval from Google AdSense again.  And Google Adsense will start doing ad shows on your site.

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