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You use download links to spread important files on Blogger or on any site.

By using such an important system of this download link you will be able to keep the visitor a long time on your blog site.

And this time it will have a very good impact on your site ranking.  Visitors will spend a lot of time on your site and help move the site forward.

And before you use the timer in this download link, let us know about it, so that you can use it freely.

 What is Download Timer?

When you click on a link to download something from a blog site or from any site,

Or, with the help of an indexer, you arrive at a link that shows you need the link to take a long time to unlock.

It does not take 20 to 30 seconds for the minimum to generate your link.  So you have to wait to reach your desired goal.

By doing this you have been on the site for some time and you play an effective role in ranking the site, thereby playing a role in increasing the revenue of the site by clicking on an ad from that site.

However, using a download timer on your site is not only a good influence on your site.

Using this download timer can have some bad effects on your site as I describe below.

 Harmful Effects of Download Timer

For example, someone landed on your site to download a file, and they came to your site.

In many search results, your site received a good ranking in the first place because of your ranking, and after clicking on your download link, the download timer appeared.

There are many sites that have uploaded this same file, other sites have not used download timer.

And because you have to edit this download time more seconds, visitors may get confused.  As a result, they may be leave to your site.

As a result, you will lose your ranking.  So try to use this download timer on your site.

Because no one wants the ranking lost on any site.  And you might be one of them.

You will need to use the following code for Blogger or WordPress.  Select the widget you want to use and paste the code below.

<div dir = “ltr” style = “text-align: left;”  trbidi = “on”>
 <span id = “countdown”> You have to wait 15 seconds. </span> </center>
 <br />
 <div style = “text-align: center;”>
 <b> Download Timer </b> <br />
 <a href=”Your Download Link” id=”download_link” style=”display: none;”> <img src = “  /s1600/but.jpg “/> </a>
 <noscript> JavaScript needs to be enabled in order to be downloaded. </noscript>
 <script type = “application / javascript”>
 (function () {
    var message = “% d seconds before download link appears”;
    // seconds before the download link becomes visible
    var count = 15;
    var countdown_element = document.getElementById (“countdown”);
    var download_link = document.getElementById (“download_link”);
    var timer = setInterval (function () {
       // If countdown equals 0, the next condition will be evaluated to false and the other-construct will be executed
       if (count) {
           // display text
           countdown_element.innerHTML = “You have to wait% d seconds.” replace (“% d”, count);
           // decrease counter
       } else {
           // stop timer
           clearInterval (timer);
           // hide countdown
  = “none”;
           // show download link
  = “”;
    }, 1000);
 }) ();
 </body> </div>

You will need to change some of the tax code above and leave the rest as it is.

First, paste your download link in the ‘Your Download Link‘ test box.

If you have a visitor to your site through this link, you can find the file through download timer.

And if you want ‘var count = 15′ you can change or decrease its schedule, but I would recommend that you reduce the number of seconds you can have.

You need to change another text when you change it. Instead of “You have to wait 15 seconds”, add the seconds you have changed.

Then it will be useful for use in your blogger or WordPress.

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