8 Ways to Hold Visitors to Your Blog Site|

You may have created a free blog site to create your Passion in the world of the Internet.

Hey, all visitors are the main point of the blog site.  Without a visitor, your website must be inactive,

And to sustain the visitor, you must do something in their interest that will keep them going.

If you’ve been on the web for several years, then, of course, you will be an expert, but for those who are just new bloggers, this is different.

And today’s blog article is for all new bloggers who have just started blogging.

With this post, you can make your visitor’s place in mind so that they never leave your site.

The main point of this post is that if you do anything, your visitors will definitely like your blog.

 Don’t write about a topic things you don’t know

Now your question may be why did I say this?  For example, you created a new blog yesterday.

And you have no idea what topic.  As you first started writing about this Google AdSense.  But you have no idea about AdSense.

So how reasonable is it that you can write informative content?  Or how likely is it that you will not copy another article?

This is where you’ll be most likely to copy the content of others.  Because you don’t know anything about Google Adsense in the first place.

Originally you didn’t know about Google AdSense  but wanted to write a new article about it.  How tolerable is it to you?

And if you first want to discuss a topic that you have no idea about.  Then your article will cause visitors to get confused.

So you must first get to know Google AdSense very well and then share it with others.

And that way, when you have no idea too much about a topic, try not to write about it. if you doing that You will surely lose the visitors.

 Informative Content

You need to create your blog’s content in such a way that the information contained in all the other blogs is reflected in your content.

Because any visitor wants to know something new, learn something new.  And because of that, you have to write an article with the most information.

And when you write an article with too much information, any visitor will love your content.

Moreover, it’s not just the visitor who will love your content, it also likes the search engine that will play a huge role in your SEO.

And when your SEO is doing very well, there is a high likelihood that your content will rank on Google.

 Hypnotize Visitors

Now, what do I mean by that?  Keywords are a certain way.  And when you try to sort it out, there is no more word.

You can serve the keyword in your titles in such a way that any visitor is forced to hypnotize.

Now you may have fallen into another question?  How do you hypnotise visitors with titles?

You can also serve several way in your blogger title in a way that hypnotises any visitor.

Title Tickets are very interesting, you can use some words in the title that will give your keyword a different twist.

For example, you can add some of the following words to your title very nicely.

  • Strategy
  • Secret
  • Telling right
  • Great
  • Free
  • Effortlessly Etc.

If you can see 2 article titles like this in search engines, like – 15 Blogger Tips, and another title like this – 15 Secret Blogger Tips for New Bloggers.

So which of the two titles above are you most likely to click on?  Of course, you will click on the content with the second title.

Because the second title certainly hypnotized you.  Due to which you are forced to click.

 Be Yourself

If you want to be a successful blogger then giving and the main thing is to present yourself well in front of all visitors.

And you can present yourself in such a way that any visitor knows you better than all other bloggers.

You can better present yourself within the visitor through content.

Below are a few ways to introduce yourself to others –

 ▪If you want to start your blog content you can showcase your creativity in a way that attracts visitors.

 ▪Where you write content in the house, you will need to create some funny scenes to make it so that visitors can learn and enjoy.

 ▪ You also want to introduce yourself to visitors by writing interesting content rather than others.

 Avoid Copyright

How do you feel if you visit a site like this, and see that they’ve created an article you’ve read somewhere before?

You must take a hat from this site with a hateful attitude because you will never want to do an article you’ve read before.

Like all visitors, they mainly want an article based on a new theory so that they can receive a gift and learn from it.

And if you copy any content from another website and publish it on your blog site, then it can be a hater of anyone.

So always try to avoid copy-paste by writing informative content entirely new to yourself.

 Give Something Free

Now, what do I mean by this?  If you want to get paid from your visitor all the time, this is stupid.

If you want, you can share any such content in your content so that they do not get the product for free so at least get a discount.

And by doing this they will be visiting your site and of course sharing your content.  There is nothing else to say about success.

 Don’t be stingy to share knowledge

Most of the time it is observed that we know a lot secretly but do not want to present it inside.

But this is a very bad thing.  The era of the current web is the era of competition.  Everyone wants to share something new with the visitor.

If you work in the opposite direction, you will surely lose your visitor.  stingy to share knowledge How do you do this?

For example, you uploaded a new template to your blog site, and visitors are asking, what’s the name of it?

You may have deleted the name from the HTML in your template, or something like this so that nobody would know.

But how happy would you be if your blogger asked the name of your Blogger Template in response to your question?

Thought of that person, how would you feel if you could find a site template similar to that? Share Your Through below the Comment box.

So never hesitate to share your experience or give away something new.  This will allow you to keep visitors to your site.

 Fan Page

If you want to create a fan page for your website you can share in all article fan pages.

Not only that you are able to bring website visitors through your page.  You can earn a visitor’s response through this.

Whenever your fan page gets bigger or your visitors are upset, they will want to know about you or your website in the message box.

And be able to ask your article and the words that resonate with them.  And this will help your blog site.

And all the above tips you can use in your Blogger case.  This will make your blog site worthwhile.

Numerous good wishes and happy blogging.

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