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Google Feedburner is a free Google tool that will count subscribers to your blog or WordPress site.

Whenever anyone visits your blog site, if he/she like all his content then he/she will want to subscribe to your website.

There are many types of email subscriber tools you can use.  But they have a limit.

Whenever you use email subscriber tools for your outstanding site, you can add a few subscribers to its free version.

And whenever its limit is crossed it will stop counting the subscriber.  As a result you will have to use the paid version to skip the free version.

And if you use Google Feedburner you can count subscribers for free throughout your life as many subscribers as you need.

However, many are tempted to customize Google Feedburner.  In this post today, I will discuss how you can customize Google Feedburner in just 5 minutes.

 Email Branding

Do you know what happens whenever your subscriber receives a notification for your new post through Feedburner?

Google Feedburner sends emails to your subscribers with similar notification titles.  And that’s annoying for anyone.

For example, if someone sends you different e-mails with the same title, how much are you capable of clicking on the email associated with this title?

Surely after seeing this same email two or three times, the third time someone sends it you will ignore it.

Or you may be annoyed and unsubscribe from this blogger’s subscription.  Which is very frustrating.

But if you want, Google FeedBurner can send a different set of emails to your subscribers each time with a small setting.

To do this, you must first go to the Google Feedburner Dashboard, and then select the options according to the screenshot below.

Customize Google Feedburner for your Blogger in just 5 minutes |


Whenever you reach the desired goal, such as the skinshirt above, you should paste it into the Email Subject / title option:- 

$ {latestItemTitle}.

Then your subscribers will see different titles only when new mail is sent to them.

 Confirmation Mail Send

Whenever a subscriber to your Blogger subscribes to your blog via FeedBurner, a custom email will be sent to them.

And you can change it if you want.  There may be many reasons for this to change.

For example, if you create a blog site in your own language, and people in your country subscribe to it.

There are many who may have little idea about English.  If you want, you can use it to write in your own language in your own language.

Which will encourage your email subscribers to subscribe to your blog.

Customize Google Feedburner for your Blogger in just 5 minutes |

You can also select your email to respond to the confirmation mail you send to anyone.

So that when someone gets a confirmation mail to become a new subscriber, they can ask them questions.

 Email Delivered TimeZone

This is a very important service for your subscribers to find.  This allows you to send e-mail to your subscribers through a time limit.

But before that you must select the time zone.  It will depend on the time zone of your country.

I would recommend that you send the email to your subscribers in the morning so that they can wake up in the morning and see the new article.

However, you can select the timezone of your choice.

Customize Google Feedburner for your Blogger in just 5 minutes |

 Interesting Images

Whenever you send an email to your subscribers you have to add an interesting image to make it more interesting and increase the Click Through Rate.

And you can add an image to the email you send with Google Feedburner.

That’s why you need to do this by following the screenshot below.  You must link your image here.

And before giving the link it has to be sure that the image is actually open through this link.

Customize Google Feedburner for your Blogger in just 5 minutes |


If you add an interesting picture to your sent e-mail every time you do this, it will make the user more likely to click on your title.

 Send Email

The likelihood of your subscribers coming to your blog will depend on how well you have sent your email to them.

You may know that whenever a new post’s notification goes to its subscribers, it goes away.

That means if your subscriber wants to read your article through Gmail.  This is why you do not need to be visited on Blogger.

Which is very frustrating.  And it is also good to say that you will not be able to send links via email to your blog post like other email marketing.

I am saying that you can see that many people send their full link to the article called See more after sending an email.  So that visitors enter the site.

But if you send an email through Google Feedburner you will not find any such option.  Nor can you use HTML code.

And if you use any HTML code here, it won’t work.

And use the process below to sort your email properly and apply it to your Feedburner dashboard.

Maximum Length – To get the most effective results you have to limit it to 200 characters.

Teaser – This option requires you to type in something that forces someone to click on the title in your blog article.

And that’s how you get a lot of response from your subscribers.  That’s what any website needs for success.

 Added Like Comment Share

Whenever you send an email to your blogger subscribers, you will want to comment below the blog article.

You can add share linking options and email sending options.  And it will be very easy for you to do.

So your email subscribers can get new features.  And they will be inspired by it.

For this, use the following process in your Feedburner Email Subscription Dashboard.

Customize Google Feedburner for your Blogger in just 5 minutes |

In the screenshot I have just added the comment section, you can use all the features mentioned above if you like.

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