What is Event Blogging? How to get started?

Event blogging is usually called short term blogging.  The key is to maximize your blogging income by targeting a specific day.

Here are the days referred to as the days when a keyword was searched a few million times in the search engine.

For example, on February 14, Valentine’s Day, billions of people searched for a keyword throughout the search engine – ‘Valentine’s Day gift’

And your blog site is ranking the first page of Google with this keyword.  Think about how much dollars your blog can earn these days.

One day you will become a millionaire 🙂 And event blogging is like targeting a specific day.

However, you will need to use hundreds of preconceptions and techniques to make your event blogging worthwhile.

What can you do to make the event blogging a success?  What do you have to do?  Today’s post discusses this whole topic.

Why do event blogging?

The whole point is that you can do event blogging to increase the revenue of your blog and website, not only that, you will get many more benefits through event blogging.

First of all, your website visits will increase greatly, and you will be able to easily promote your various social media pages.

This is a completely valid logging process. For this, you must write unique content and rank the content of the search engine.

Because many bloggers like you are benefiting from Event Blogging, that particular day will be an event for blogging.

What niches can be blogged about with events?

It will largely depend on you,because there are so many important days on the calendar that the search engine gets more search results with that keyword in this days.

For example, Valentine’s Day after a few days, then you must use ‘Valentine’s Day’ as a niche for blogging events.

And we need to write a big article about this and collect information.  And then you have to get used to ranking your article in search engine.

Not only that you have to work Valentine’s Day Nice, but there are many other nice things you can do in combination.

Below I will give you a few goods for event blogging –

Happy New Yearly
Happy Father’s Day
Mother’s Day
Exam result
Christmas day
Independence Day
Happy Diwali
International language day
Eid message, Eid wish
IPL, World Cup cricket
Fifa world cup
Happy holly

You can blog the event using the above-mentioned niches.

Domain-Hosting for Event Blogging 

Although whether or not your keyword is ranked will depend on your content, the more unique the content, the easier it will be to rank your keywords.

If you still want to make ranking a bit easier, select a domain like yours.

And no matter where you live, use the extension at the end of your domain name.  For example, if you are in Bangladesh, use ‘.com.bd’ if you are in the US use.us name.

If you want to event  blogging with blogger, you do not need to buy hosting, but you need to customize your blog very well that day.

And this is to ensure that your site does not take too long to load.  Because visitors will be annoyed and will take a leak from your site.

And the ad placement of the site should be done very thoroughly so that visitors do not face any inconvenience.

It would be best if you turn off your Adsense Auto Ad system that day.  You can place ads inside articles, under titles and in the head section of your blog.

And if you use WordPress then you must buy hosting.  There are a few things to keep in mind when buying a hosting.

Event blogging will result in a significant number of visitors visiting your site on a given day.  If your hosting space is low then the site will be down.

You also have to look for a good provider to buy the hosting and purchase a large number of storage combination hosting.

Because once the reverse happens, the thought of event blogging will be removed from your head as long as you repair it again.

So, please understand the domain and hosting first.

How to get started with Event Blogging? 

There are a few things you need to know first before starting an event blogging.  How long before the event is good to start blogging?  How long can the event be blogging?  Which event blogging applies to you?

If you want to do event blogging with a new domain, you will need to get down to Event Blogging 40 to 50 days in advance.

Because in the new domain you first need to index your domain well in the search engine on Google, create some backlinks and write an article in theory.

All of this is time-consuming so it is best to start blogging events in the domain of the new domain some time in advance.

Now if you already have a website or domain, you can start blogging events 10 to 15 days in advance.

And how long the event blogging lasts will depend on which niche you are working with.  Because one day is allotted for an event.

If you work with World Cup football, how long will your event blog last as long as this World Cup season continues?

The bigger the niches you work with in the event blogging, the more you have to work hard.

Because your site should be ranked with a competitor’s niche, you’ll have to work a lot harder.  However, if successful, there will be no shortage of visitors.

How to Write Content?

First of all, once the word is selected, get a great idea about it by doing a search on Google.  So that no particular section is excluded from your article.

Because if visitors do not find the subject for which they are visiting your blog site, they will be forced to search it on another site, thus you will lose the visitor.

Write posts individually with each keyword, but do not look at maximizing the posts and look at how well your article is structured.

If your article is too large, type seven or eight articles in it, and then publish and index it in the search engine.

Also, at the end of the post, I am giving links to some tools for better keyword research.  You can find the perfect keywords by using the tools.

Backlinks – To get your keyword ranking in the search engine, you must create a backlink with keywords.

Because of the huge amount of information and unique content, the website that creates the backlinks will be ahead with the ranking of the website keywords.

But event blogging has natural content and you can get some backlinks.  Make as many backlinks as you can.

But try to create backlinks from the level domain authority and page authority site.

You can also get a ranking penalty from Google if you apply Black Hat SEO to create too many backlinks.  Which is not desirable in any case.

Social Share– Once the content is written, hack the social signal.  Different types of social media are popular in different countries.

In the country you are targeting, event blogging, be sure to use which social media is most widely used in that country.  And then share it.

Work very patiently with your keywords until you get a good ranking.

From Successful Event Blogging, You Get-

No matter what you do the first time, there must be a mistake in the job.  And for the first time event blogging is what you learn, the next time you do event blogging, you will be mentally energized.

As you create many backlinks through event blogging, this will increase the ranking of your blog site.

Event blogging will increase your website’s subscribers, social media fan page likes YouTube subscribers and more.

Also if you fail event blogging for the first time, then it will give you strength next time.  And you will find out that for some reason you have failed this time.

Assignment Event Blogging By making some changes to the content you write, you will be able to bring regular visitors to your web site with the help of this content.

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