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We cannot find a single keyword to write content, and if we can, after writing a few lines, our pen is broken.

You may have seen millions of websites that rank immediately after writing content on any one of these keywords.

And you may be surprised at their performance, how can they write so informative and lengthy content?

And how they rank quickly on Google without waiting  any more, so writing their content is worthwhile.  If you want to write informative big content like this, then look carefully at each step at the end of this article.

Keyword selection- The first thing to do when writing content is to choose a keyword.

But when you select a keyword, that is, to write an article using a keyword, you know a little bit about the keyword.

If you are a blogger too young like me and choose a more compact keyword when it comes to keywords selection, then writing your articles will be completely useless.

You might never want to have a hard time writing an article and nobody will read it.

So the first thing to do is to select a keyword that will bring visitors to your website, but fewer people are working with this keyword.

The question is how do you select keywords, where do you get keywords for writing an article?

There are many tools to use that will cost you dollars, if you can afford it, you can use awesome tools like Ahrefs, Semrush!

And if you are as poor as I am, then I will recommend one of the best of the free tools,


By using these tools you will find the best keywords, there is nothing you need to do, only you have to animate your Competitor domain.

Through this, you will find that your Competitor is ranking well on some keywords and is able to bring visitors to its website through some keywords.

How To find out Content Idea for Write A Content|

Or even if you have a custom keyword, you can search by using these tools to make sure your keywords are default.

One of the important features of this tool is to understand whether a keyword has defaulted and that is SD – which means SEO difficulty  .

Whenever you select a keyword, SEO defaults below 15, then there is a lot of chance that you can rank your article on this keyword.

You can see these options by clicking on the keyboard!  Moreover, this tool will also tell you how many per cent chances you have with your keyword to stay in the top 20 in search rankings.

Try to work with that keyword if there is a chance above 80%.  Because it increases the success of writing your content.

You can also see how much backlinks your competitor’s average has made to rank your targeted content.

Content Ideas– Once the keywords have been selected, I came to the main stage.  How do I write content now?  In order to easily rank the content on Google.

Search Google by typing your keywords first!  And carefully read all the content on the first and second pages here.

You will find that with each content you get a great idea about your keyword, so you can make the content a lot bigger.

Add Image: Add content to the image, as it will help your blog post to understand the user more easily, as well as enhance the beauty of the content.

Moreover, when you write content, your content will follow its content.  And add more content to your content than they do.

However, please do not add any unnecessary image content, it may be the opposite.Because a picture speaks 1000 words’

Well-customized content, sub-headings customize everything.  Bold any text that needs to be bolded.

So that your content readers can understand the content in another way!

Content titles:  Now add an interesting title so that everyone clicks on the title of your content.

You can write titles like this – <b> seven benefits of running in the morning.  Number 6 will surprise you.

Then everyone will think that we know that running in the morning has the benefit.  But what are the benefits of number six?  They will then click on your content in curiosity.

You can also customize your content by adding more interesting titles to your content.

Use keywords in content- Use your desired keywords within content and in descriptions.  However, if you use too much your content will never rank as a search engine.

Try to use your keyword only three times per 100 words.  If this is the case then your content will fall into keyword stuffing.

As a result, your content will never rank in the search engine.

Website Speed – For example, someone has visited your blog, and after visiting your blog, they found that the website was loading too much.

What will he do then?  Let’s say, what would you do if you were in this situation?  Of course, you will take a click from the back button and take the life from the website.

And if everyone takes a livery from your website then the bounce rate on your website will increase.

And Google thinks every user is taking a livery from this website, so maybe they aren’t getting anything that needs to be contained in this word.

What will Google do then?  Because Google always wants every user of a search engine to read good content, and they should not fall into any misery.

Google will exclude your site from the search rankings.  And you are losing ranking on your website day by day.

If you have a WordPress site, you can activate Amp loading speed on your site, but you need to download the Blogger template to activate Amp.

If you like, you can download your favourite Amp Blogger template for free at the end of the post.

The whole point is that no matter what content you write, you should try to write content without copying the content of others with sufficient theory.

And as I said before, if you search your keyword on Google and see some of its results then you can write a lot about your keyword.

And adding screenshots of content will make the screenshots a little bigger.  If you use Blogger, the screenshot will do X-large.

And increase the content’s fonts so that visitors can read your content without any hassle.

Finally, I would like to say – think of the content as a user, rather than the content of the search engine.

You will find that your content is tailored to the search engine.

Many thanks for finally reading the content.  Happy blogging !!

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