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If the purpose of creating your YouTube channel is to bring in the required audience to this channel and monetize it then you need to watch this post.
When you create a YouTube channel, the things you need to keep in mind in order to get monetization from the YouTube channel are:
 ▪ 1000 subscribers
 ▪ 4000 hours watch time
You can monetize your YouTube channel with Google AdSense whenever you want to complete all of these targets after opening your YouTube channel.
And if you want to monetize Google Adsense on your YouTube channel, you must sign in to google adsense youtube.
If you want to know more about how you can easily sign in to google adsense youtube, check out today’s post

How to sign in google adsense youtube?

To do this, first you need to login to your YouTube channel and then you have to click on the option called YouTube Studio from the YouTube channel dashboard.
Google Adsense Youtube Sign In |
When you click on this option you will be taken to another new page.
Now that you are monetizing your YouTube channel, you need to click on the monetization icon at the bottom from here.
And whenever you click on your YouTube channel monetization option, you can see if you are actually eligible to monetize the YouTube channel.
If you are not fully suited to monetize YouTube channels, you may see a warning message showing that you are not yet eligible to monetize YouTube channels.
Google Adsense Youtube Sign In |
If you want to avoid this message and take YouTube channel monetization, you must add 1000 subscribers and 4000 minutes time to your channel.
Whenever you fill this target in your YouTube channel, you will be perfectly suited to monetize your YouTube channel.
So if you want to sign in to google adsense youtube then you must fill this target by uploading videos regularly in a legal way.
Then you can enable monetization of your youtube channel like the following screenshot.
Google Adsense Youtube Sign In |


So why delay? Flip YouTube’s target now and then start monetizing your YouTube channel and start earning money.
Many good wishes for you.

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