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Blog sites or the Internet can basically bring a very large number of visitors on a certain day, working with a niche scheduled for that particular day.

This is called event blogging, and in this event blogging, you can earn money by installing different types of scripts on your Blogger site and putting units in them.

And for every day or a certain day, a single viral script goes viral in the world of the internet. And if your script turns into all those viral scripts, you can become a millionaire one day.

And in today’s post, I’m going to talk about the whole viral script, which you can put on your site, raising your Google AdSense revenue to over a thousand per day.

What is a viral script?

These are basically an XML file made up of some HTML coding. Which is added as your Blogger site themes?

And you can increase your AdSense ad revenue by putting this viral script on your blog site to enhance the beauty of your site as well as share it with others.

However, in order to increase learning from these, you must make it user friendly, and keep it specifically designed for a specific day.

How It’s become viral ?

For example, seven days after today is International Mother Language Day, this time anyone will look for something special to share with their friends.

And when you create a script related to that day and share it on different social media, it will be very useful if it is useful.

And only when it develops as a user friendly will it get a lot of publicity at home and abroad and this script of yours will go viral.

Viral Script Requirements:

If you can create a viral script with a specific day in mind, you will feel the need for it.

The point is, if you create a viral script, your revenue will go up a lot when you put Google AdSense’s advertising unit in it.

There are many people who are able to earn thousands of dollars every day by creating such scripts. Without doing any work.

Imagine if you could make a script viral and spread it abroad, you could become a millionaire in a few days.

To make your script viral you only need to use GB WhatsApp and then turn on the auto-reply option after joining multiple WhatsApp groups.

So whenever anyone gives a message to one of those groups, the script that you saved will reply and go to that group. And it will make your script viral.

List of viral scripts:

Happy New Year Viral Script: When the New Year arrives, everyone finds something special so that the New Year can be celebrated very well.

As a result, you can share the viral script with your friends to wish you a Happy New Year. So that a very good amount of revenue will be possible from your script.

New Year Script

Happy Ramadan Script: Muslims can earn money by sharing the script of Ramadan when the month of Ramadan starts.

Ramadan Script

Happy Birthday viral Wishing Script : Birthday is a special day in anyone’s life and you can wish him a happy birthday to make that special day even more special.

In this case, if you greet him with a text message, he will not post as spontaneously as you would wish him a happy birthday with a script or image.

And if you use a viral script to wish your friend a happy birthday, on the one hand, it will be a greeting and on the other hand, it will pave the way for your earning.

Happy Birthday Script

Valentines Day Script: If I can wish your loved one on Valentine’s Day to share more love with him through wishing script.

Happy Valentines Day

Diwali festival script: On Diwali, many people find something special to increase the level of celebration with their friends.

Since Diwali is a holiday, there is a lot of crowd on social media on that day. And they find something new to make that day special.

If you want, you can share the following script with your friends on Diwali.

Happy Diwali

If you want, you can download all the viral scripts for your Blogger site from the link given below.


How to use these on your site?


If want to use these viral wishing scripts on your blog site, you must first go to your site’s dashboard.

And then save it by inserting Theme-edit HTML- and the wishing script of your choice.

So don’t delay and increase your earning by sharing a wishing script with your friend at any festival or event right now.

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