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In order to get approval from Google AdSense, you must prioritize the requirements for google AdSense, and then get AdSense approval.


Google Adsense is undoubtedly the number one advertising platform for monetizing any platform.


Google Adsense is one of the leading advertising platforms for those of us who have blogs or websites.


Because Google AdSense is so valued, you have to work harder whenever you want to get approved in Google AdSense.


requirements for google AdSense Once you are fully aware of this, you can get approval from Google Adsense in a few hours.


To get coral from Google Adsense you need to first cover the following topics on your website and then apply for it.

Requirements for google AdSense at a glance:


▪ Website Content

▪ Website design

▪ Content policy

▪ Fake traffic

Technical page

▪ The age and traffic of your website

Supported language


Basically, before you get approval from Google AdSense you have to give priority to the above-mentioned things, these are called requirements for google AdSense.


So let’s clear up all these issues by discussing them in full detail, which will help you to understand.



Website Content or Article:


Why Google AdSense will pay you? What will they approve of you for? And what is the main thing they prefer?


Whenever you create an account for Google AdSense or visit the homepage of Google AdSense, you will see in bold: We evaluate your content.


In fact, when you write a lot of content with difficulty, you will definitely want to get a price from this content. And the price will basically give you Google Adsense.


Now, if you want to get Google AdSense approval, the first thing you need to look at is the articles written on your web site.


You must write timely articles and create them in a unique and valid way. These should be written in a user-friendly way so that anyone can understand it.


And you don’t have to write too much content to get strong from Google AdSense when you apply for Google AdSense by just writing ten or twelve articles, your site will be approved by AdSense.


In this case, you must write unique content, and how to create the content so that anyone can understand it and learn something from it.


And if you can publish timely and good content, then Google AdSense approval is just a matter of time. You must become one of them.


Website design:


Requirements for google AdSense There is one more thing that is an attractive design of your website, the design should not be so attractive.


All you have to do is design your website in a way that makes your website user friendly.


In this case, you will clearly display the navigation panel of your website in front of the visitor’s. You can also add as many search bars and different social share buttons as you want.


The website design should be designed in such a way that any visitor is attracted to your website and wants to come back again and again.


content policy:


I discussed a while ago that the most important thing that Google has come up with is the content of your website. And that’s how you covered it.


Whenever you write an article, you must make sure that it does not match any other article.


This means that you must write copyright-free articles, and all articles must be covered by your own talent. You should never waste time writing a copyrighted article.


To write the best article you need to do good keyword research first, and as soon as you get your topic you start researching about it.


In this case, when you search Google by typing your targeted keywords, you will get a lot of results related to that, you have to read those search results carefully and get an idea.


You can add infographics and various charts inside your content if you want to make your website content more interesting.


You can also add images that are useful for different content because you must have heard that a single image speaks a few thousand words.


fake traffic:


How much money you can earn from this Google AdSense advertisement after getting approval from AdSense will depend entirely on your visitors.


The more visitors to your website, the higher your AdSense ad revenue will be, but in this case, you need to monitor quality traffic.


Many of us bring a variety of fake traffic to our websites, such as a variety of bots and other traffic sources.


But if you look at the requirements for Google AdSense, you can see that they look at these issues with the most hateful eyes. And you can never do that.


It would also be foolish for you to publish pornographic related content on your website or bring traffic from pornographic related websites.


You never have the bad experience of getting traffic from all those bad sites, it’s the biggest hurdle in getting your Google AdSense approval.


If you want to get traffic to your website, you can look at different types of social media or search traffic, do a good SEO of your website and then make it suitable for ranking.


But never dare to bring any fake traffic to your website, it is a completely illegal approach among the requirements for Google AdSense.


Technical page:


Requirements for google AdSense The most important thing after content is the technical page on your website.


Technical pages basically refer to related pages so that any visitor can be associated with your website.


For example, if you visit many websites, you can see that their website has pages related to About, Contact, privacy and policy, disclaimer etc.


You must create these pages for your website because Google AdSense will look at these pages when it comes to approval.


Because all websites survive to solve their customer problems, and visitors will need to communicate with the owner of all those websites the most.


And for any website or to contact different authors or admins of that website, they must have searched for such a page.


In this case, you have to include those pages in your website as technical pages, you will only write about and contact-us page by yourself.


And all the other pages that need to be embedded in your website you can copy from any other website if you want.


In this case, your website will not have any adverse effects. But it is best to write all the pages in your own experience. But if you don’t have such knowledge, you can continue working by copying.


Age of your website:


You see, none of the Google AdSense policies states that your website needs to be this long.


However, the age of your website plays a big role in making money from your website, in this case, if your website is older then it seems to be a familiar website to the visitors.


Moreover, if you want to get a very good amount of ranking and visitors from your website then you must wait.


If you want to get approval from Google AdSense and earn a lot of money from here, you must look at traffic. Because every visitor clicks will earn you money.


In this case, you can take up to six months to make Adsense fully usable on your website and publish the time spent content on your website.


Supported languages:


You will write articles in languages ​​that are currently approved by Google AdSense, notably among the requirements for Google AdSense.


Because if you write millions of content on your website in a language that does not support Google AdSense, you can get approval from here.



You must cover your articles with all the languages ​​that are currently supported. And this is one of the steps to approving your AdSense.


Below is a complete list of languages ​​that are currently supported by Google AdSense, you can adapt to your language if you wish.


Arabic, Bengali, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese (Both simplified and traditional), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Filipino, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Malay, Marathi, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish (both traditional and Latin American), Swedish, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu, and Vietnamese.


You must match your content with the languages ​​mentioned above, and apply for Google AdSense with the above in mind.


Requirements for google AdSense The most important ones I have discussed above. Hope you find it useful.


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